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Anime Discussion Rules

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  • Anime Discussion Rules

    The following rules apply only to the Anime and Manga Discussion boards in addition to the Site & Forum Guidelines.
    1. Anime/Manga specific threads should go into their respective sub-boards. Examples:
      1. Did anyone feel this way after the end of ____ ?
      2. What order should I watch ____ in? / Do I need to have watched ____ before ____?
      3. What chapter should I start from?
      4. Season 1 vs. Season 2 / Anime version vs. manga version.
      5. Any questions about characters in a specific anime/manga.
    2. Please refrain from creating threads that do not encourage discussion; e.g. random "xx vs. yy", picture collecting, simple listing, etc.
    3. Do not create threads that ask about information that can easily be seen on user profiles or database entry pages (e.g. favorite anime/manga/character).
    4. Do not ask where to download/watch anime or where to download/read manga.

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    thanks for laying down the rules in the lawless anime land


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      This dude's obviously a spammer but things are so dead and boring around here I don't really care.

      Nobody's gonna tell me how to do my animes.
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        jonnyhenderson is our new moderator
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          rofl what the fuck?


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            Thank you, I didn't know how to make a good anime thread but now I do.

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              Originally posted by LoakeyRonso
              oh and the reason graal reborn is dead isn't what ever reason you want to blame it on , it's you . you publicly humiliate anyone who shows up , call them derogatory word's and treat them like shit . you close any thread you don't have any interest in even if other people do . slam their work without consideration for the person themself . how it is anyone can even consider you a decent human being is beyond me .


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                This has probably been the most significant content added to the forums in quite a while.
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