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Design Philsophies and shit.

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    Well, it;s more of the tools to make text based games then an actual game XD so I have everything split out so it's modular and in case I need to change something without it breaking everything else, hopefully. I'm not using a waterfall approach to it.

    Updated the doors to now be able to have a list of keys required for access etc.

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      Done a bit more. Started off with consumables, fixed up the attacking stuff to a more permanent type of thing (still super simple, but if I choose to make it more complex it's easy enough) the consumables are barebones at the moment, but shouldn't be to difficult, I hope.

      I changed a lot of code to no longer produce null, but rather a default entity instead, with appropriate setup that it can be plopped in place of just about anything and be informative enough to tell the user what they did wrong.

      More finalized version of the weapons and consumable system. Going to add in teleport scrolls and other interesting things as it progresses. dunno if i will expand the battle system more then it is for now.
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        Just started working on level/room and entity loading and got things working semi decently. I still have a lot of things to tackle e.g room persistence (need to decide how I am going to do that, cache already opened room objects or something), do the boxes/containers children in the entity factory and then the custom/mix matched entities in the factory.

        Changing all of the entities should be relatively easy, as it all relies on a entity factory interface. I can swap them in and out if it all goes to poop.

        A level currently looks like:

        # Name
        # Desc

        # Entity Type
        # Name
        # Desc

        First iteration of all of this stuff and definitely new grounds for me. So, I may change a lot in the future.

        Done some level persistence now, but I foresee some issues with it in the future and I am currently trying to think of a new way to handle it. It works though. I did try to search for some ideas already, but I was unable to find anything of use :X if anyone has any ideas about it please let me know, if anyone is still checking this out lol.

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