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Frankenstein's Monster computer.

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  • Frankenstein's Monster computer.

    Just put together a new computer made out of some new secondhand parts and a bunch of crap I've got laying around. It took me three disc drives before I could find one that would read a DVD lol. Just decided to build a system to mess around on Ubuntu and also as network storage.
    Decided I would test out everything, before I put it in the case and goodness me, it's a jumbled mess.

    I went through about 8-10 different boxes with old computer stuff, a few different cases with various parts missing to find everything I was looking for.

    Anyone else do this? Upgrade, few years later decide to build a new PC from previous parts or upgrade again and then mix and match. I've done it countless times over the years and at one point I had 4 decent gaming rigs in here for LAN parties and such.

    The screwdrivers my on/off switch.

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    No, I've never done that. I could have, at some point I had like 4 old computers handy but they were crap. Not even a SATA plug on any of them. I could have made a server out of it but would have had no use for one.
    I probably upgrade less than you do... this is my 6th computer since circa 1994.

    66 Mhz with a turbo
    400 mhz P2
    ~1.5 Ghz I got from my parents for graphic design (so I don't use my mother's laptop).
    A compaq mini I bought in 2010-2011 (netbook)
    another ~1.5Ghz I was given, it was scrap from a school
    This computer that's an unlocked 4Ghz i7 (no overclocking)

    My father uses now the ~1.5Ghz computer he bought me.

    Your rig looks dusty. Especially the processor's heat sink.

    Still curious though, what's your build?
    Take a screenshot of dxdiag.exe.
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      It's probably a AMD dual core around 3ghz. It's been sitting in the garage for over a year and the CPU and motherboard were already together, 8gb of Kingston ddr3 ram, just going to rock on board graphics for now to keep it super quiet, an old 250gb laptop hdd I got when I upgraded my friends laptop for him, a 1TB HDD I got off a friend when he upgraded and also a 3TB I bought and it will all be going in a cheap as cube case and the psu was from my one of my old rigs.

      Before I put everything in the cast I plan to clean it and apply some new thermal paste to it.

      I always have a reason to upgrade because I LAN a lot with friends, so when I do the old computer still gets use.

      Apparently I need a new keyboard now, also. This ones not allowing me to use shift, or it uses it, but delayed. It's even worse in Eclipse it randomly opens new windows, splits windows, zooms in >.> and occasionally ctrl gets pushed down makes typing very interesting...


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        Just did this recently for an Ubuntu server rig of mine. Ended up running a raid 10 on it and using it as a network storage/media center. It's pretty fun.
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        Originally posted by Yenairo


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          It was such a pain getting it into the case. The case was just poorly designed and the powers supply would push against where the HDD bay is and then a slew of other issues lol. Got it all up and running and setup the network shares, remote desktop on it and media streaming of said media. I kind of wanted to set it up to hold a private get repo for my code, but I couldn't quite figure it out. Might have a stab at it another time.