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An inside look at the trainwreck of Era.

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  • An inside look at the trainwreck of Era. -

    Too long to paste here. Just read there story in the link.

    The summary is this "The GraalOnline playerworld Era was and is a trainwreck of unbelievable proportions"

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    Also if you want to Download Era backup 7282017.rar
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      Way too long... I have a feeling part of his biography has been included in there.
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        I never did like Era. Like most other graal servers with custom PVP elements, you couldn't explore without getting yourself killed easily. The average player was a massive dick, too. Like, not because they kill noobs, but the way they shit talk everyone around them. Era was a cesspool of cancer.

        later discovered that the previous lead developer of Era had been previously globally banned for stealing money from Unixmad, the owner of Graal Online, and had been globally banned for doing similar things in the past. The server is still offline as of today and the playerbase has since abandoned all hopes of it ever returning. This happened on August 4th, 3 weeks prior to when I have created this post, and I have since moved on to develop my own server which has not yet gone public.
        """"stealing money from unixmad""""

        I feel bad for this Valithor guy. He seems to genuinely want to improve Graal, but it's kind of a lost cause.
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        Originally posted by antago
        Dude I would rip your fucking head off, you really think you're tough talking nasty and taking low blows--and I would feast on your fucking heart & love it. How does it feel? I'd scalp you alive and destroy your name in the pages of history like I'm doing now. I am here to write history, not cry like a little bitch and I didn't do it to myself.

        So by all means, come with me out seas off borders and see what I do to you. Better yet, accept the curse from God you've just begged for--and now your life will go to shit.


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          Originally posted by Yggdrasil View Post
          I feel bad for this Valithor guy. He seems to genuinely want to improve Graal, but it's kind of a lost cause.
          I have just requested an answer from him asking if he knew of Graal Reborn and added a link.
          Couldn't figure out how to pm him.
          Hopefully he will see it and drop by.


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            greast article, had a good chuckle at seeing what a shitfest some of the last servers left are becoming. not a big surprise, because anyone willing to hang around that dumpster fire with stephane must be some sort of wreck with issues otherwise common sense would've told them to bounce ages ago.


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              wow I don't give a shit about Era at all
              Originally posted by LoakeyRonso
              oh and the reason graal reborn is dead isn't what ever reason you want to blame it on , it's you . you publicly humiliate anyone who shows up , call them derogatory word's and treat them like shit . you close any thread you don't have any interest in even if other people do . slam their work without consideration for the person themself . how it is anyone can even consider you a decent human being is beyond me .


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                Originally posted by Spooon View Post
                wow I don't give a shit about Era at all
                thanks for letting us know you don't care
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                  oh shit, i remember sage haha.

                  glad to see graal is cool with recording pms and shit, lovely