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How did YOU end up here?

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  • How did YOU end up here?

    ITT: Post how you found us and what you thought it was when you first heard about us!
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    I found Graal Reborn originally on Google and didn't understand the site's functionality so left. My friend, Rival, later re-introduced me and actually got me into it. I found out that it was a great site with lots of trolls and sarcastic assholes. The in-game development was the greatest part rather than the forums. Overall, Graal Reborn is cool.

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      I first found out about it on, but didn't really care. After a while I found some of Dangerless's videos and decided to join and make a horrible server.


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        Like most people who joined in 2007, the Graal Reborn e-mail sent to leaked e-mail accounts from GraalOnline.

        I thought it was Anti-Unixmad. And holy shit it was Anti-Unixmad.

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        Originally posted by benjiro View Post
        I first found out about it on, but didn't really care. After a while I found some of Dangerless's videos and decided to join and make a horrible server.
        And nobody thought those videos would get people to join. xD
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        Originally posted by LoakeyRonso
        oh and the reason graal reborn is dead isn't what ever reason you want to blame it on , it's you . you publicly humiliate anyone who shows up , call them derogatory word's and treat them like shit . you close any thread you don't have any interest in even if other people do . slam their work without consideration for the person themself . how it is anyone can even consider you a decent human being is beyond me .


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          Googling Graal Online because I played it in middleschool.
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          you are gross, yuck... how did you get so messed up?
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            My brother found it for me.
            I think he might've been searching "P2P for Free" or something, because we couldn't pay for Graal anymore. Damn, them.
            Anyway, it's been a nice ride so far. Mostly it's been idling on the forums waiting for SOME sort of talent to arrive.


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              I read some article (forgot what it was) about a server called Graal the Adventure, I watched some videos, and it looked really good. So I downloaded the client package, made an account, but graal222 wouldn't log me on. So I left. After a month, I came back, went on chat and I asked How I play Graal the Adventure? I think it was spooon or kalzor that answered I had to make an ingame password and gave me a link to the add/change password page.
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                Google, 'Graal Private Server', finding anti unixmad.
                Wasn't able to access the forums till over a year later due to a fucked up account registration, needed Joey to repair it. Haha


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                  I got a crappy laptop for christmas so I could play my skateboard tycoon game(witch sucked ass).When that got boring I started playing games on my Ipod and I looked up free online games,thus making me find graal for ifone.After finding that retched game it got really fucking boring(theres litterily no quests) so i started playing graal online and I didnt like the 4 hours to play rule(I thought I litterily only had 4 hours to play) so I searched up on google "free graal submission" and graal reborn is what came up ,thats pretty much it for me.


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                    dont remember


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                      I think Dem told me about it (I used to play a wow private server with him)

                      it was Eevul back then, I was also a member of another server called Yamo Hotaki, and due to lack of development or something (cant remember) I convinced Marlon to merge Yamo Hotaki and Eevul to make Eevul Hotaki...

                      I don't remember when it became Graal Reborn
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                        Went through a portal that I made out of obsidian, and BAM

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                          Wasn't there a similar thread before?
                          Either way, not completely sure of this:
                          - searched graal 1.39 private servers
                          -found eevul-hotaki graal
                          -played it once, probably before it went down(?)
                          -checked on it some time later, found an affiliated link(?)
                          -??+||??#/[email protected]||\ (this memory bank is corrupted, get the early GR memories dlc to unlock.)
                          -failure to make something worth playing #1-29


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                            Found graal on the iPhone one day because I was bored shitless so I went through to the top 500 free paid apps, there was graal lol. After that I thought the iPhone graal was great and wanted to develop so I just kept on searching on the graal online site on how to develop with no avail so I turned to google and somehow found this.


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                              went to to see what they were up to, considering I had associated with them in the past, and found this.