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History of Reborn

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  • History of Reborn

    Originally this project started as Squall (SquallX7X) and myself attempting to hack the gserver2-src leak to work with Graal-NW as it looked like a cool game and it got canned by the official Graal Online (although the features were eventually ported into newmain, i.e. setfocus). We messed around with that for a long time and then we stopped working on it.

    Squall (I think, not entirely sure who it was) contacted me a few years later saying he'd got the server to work with Graal 2, this was cool news even though the support was basic and you could just kind of both load into one level but links and npcs and stuff were broken, you could at least see each other move around (ganis weren't working though and PMs were retarded).

    I got involved with Squall again and we started hacking away at the code, then I let 39ster know about our progress in getting Graal2 working. He was interested and I sent him over the sources and he had a play around too. Eventually he got sick of messing with the source and performed the awesome task of re-coding the server in C++.

    Pac got involved with the server around the time of the re-code and then Nalin joined the team, that's pretty much the progress up til now. I think Joey got us involved with Marlon and Pac to begin with and was a major force in organizing what is now known as Graal Reborn.

    Cadavre has been our loyal host throughout and we wouldn't be where we are today without him.
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    Actually, this was four projects merging together at one point of time.

    first it was Eevul-Graal (my Graal 1.39 server) and Yamo-Hotaki (Some norwegian Graal 1.39 server).
    Those two merged together as Eevul-Hotaki. At the same time Agret worked on this Graal2 project that I didn't know of. Eradia Online was a german project to achieve just the same thing as Agret and Squall wanted to do.

    Anyway, when Pac joined up with Agret in reverseenginering the Graal-nw leak source to work with graal2, he found my irc-channel. The same irc-channel we use today. Pac said they needed hosting, and I were interested of this project. Pac knew about this german project too at the time, but didn't want to tell me where they hangout.

    When Eevul-Hotaki and Agret, Squall and Pac's project merged we decided to choose a name. Graal Reborn got to be the name.

    One summer we all grew tired of never getting everything to work, then Eradia Online merged with us and we changed the name to that. After some legal threats later, every staffmember of the original Eradia Online vanished.

    We changed our name back to Graal Reborn. 39ster (who had been a sort of regular in our team) came back and told us he had started doing a recode of the gserver. At the same time Anti-Unixmad woke up from the dead, which brung Joey and Jellyfish to Graal Reborn. Some time after that I get legal threats from Unixmad and Anti-Unixmad takes over the whole operation.

    I get into a fight between Joey, Jellyfish and me. And I got banned for a month or two. We got back together and Jellyfish grew tired of Graal Reborn and fucks everything up(deleted domains, hacked the site, etc). This is when I bought I told Joey and he and I started to build everything up again.

    that pretty much sums it up, I might've missed something, this is of course a period of 4 years, 2004-2008.


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      well thats some fun reading, so this has been going fo 4 years? nice to see its got some staying power


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        I remember when jelly hacked the forums.. it was not pretty! Lol The porgress on this project is testimonial and awe inspiring. The potential is great so long as we dont allow unixfagot or ne one else to fuck it up. Keep up thee great work!
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          It's quite amazing as to how I can easily gain power huh ?


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            I'd contribute, but I've got no coding skills ;.;
            (Although I know someone who may be interested in helping you guys out ;p )

            ~Live forever or die trying~


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              vary nice (added this to my graal Collection)

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                My personal Graal history:

                ¸.-~·*'˜¨¯Ï”m_*hê_ôñë_åñd_õñl¥_Åg ê*¨˜'*·~-.¸


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                  Does anyone know who started Rival for like 10 seconds?


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                    Hehe that makes me nostalgic... and feel old
                    I started playing when I was 12, 10 years ago, and seeing graal start from a poorly-made game with like 10-30 ppl online and improving new versions every month, getting hacked at times, until it reached the "stable" state of 1.39 was a lot of fun...

                    I wish we can bring some of that old fun back on our servers one day...

                    By the way, I got my classic/retro playerworld sleeping in my hard drive, which I hope I can use someday in graal reborn...


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                      the host of Yamo Hotaki was named FoeCuz, he went as the alias Ninjaterd at the time (I think, ive been friends with so many people on the internet)
                      I first met him on Valikorlia back when it was good (before p2p) I was recruited into the Alkarian Army, he was a general named Storm Markant, i joined his mini-guild/family Markant, and became Crp. Clantu Markant -=of=- (Alkaria)
                      He and a friend going by alias La0 were working on a private server with no name (just screwing around accually), they hosted a basic classic server 1.39, I started making levels for them, we had a small playerbase, he also got legal threats from the nazi.

                      I see him every now and then on msn, he mostly plays battlefield now.


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                        I feel the same way.
                        Originally posted by LoakeyRonso
                        oh and the reason graal reborn is dead isn't what ever reason you want to blame it on , it's you . you publicly humiliate anyone who shows up , call them derogatory word's and treat them like shit . you close any thread you don't have any interest in even if other people do . slam their work without consideration for the person themself . how it is anyone can even consider you a decent human being is beyond me .


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                          I don't remember the C# part.


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                            Originally posted by 39ster View Post
                            I don't remember the C# part.
                            The text says wrong, it's supposed to say "pure c++" and not "C#".

                            Although there is a Listserver written in C# and some half-assed GServer in C# made by Seipheroth, both was scrapped.


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                              Originally posted by Agret View Post
                              I started playing in grade 7 (2001) and only really played on Classic Graal. Me and some other guys started a guild called Doomsday Warriors and we could only make it an "official" guild if one of us created a p2p account. I upgraded my account and made the guild official, but then i started playing the graal2k1 server. I played this server for a while and one day i was bored and set my nickname to "'*Stefan" and for some reason this is a good enough excuse for me to be GLOBALLY banned from every graal server. Stupidly, i ended up creating two more p2p accounts and they were also globally banned for "ban evasion". The prick that banned all my p2p accounts was Loriel and this pretty much made me join the anti-graal movement. With all the money i lost from those accounts i was very pleased to hear that Viper had DoS'd the graal list server while alot of the other anti-graal members thought he went to far (obviously they hadn't lost out as much money as i had). I added him to my Aim and started talking and helping him DoS (on a 56k connection =D). Matriark Terval was hosting some playerworlds on 1.39 gserver and he let me run the classic graal server. After this was shutdown i found a website host called splicehost that gave SSH access. I bought a hosting account which claimed "unlimited bandwidth" and used SSH to start a graal server on. The server/site was called and at one stage had 50 players online. I was able to get the amount of players by extracting all the emails from some account list thing and mass mailing everybody about the server. I had to shut it down after unixfag started complaining to splicehost. A little while later i bought another hosting, but this time it was my own dedicated server and i hosted graal files like old versions and gservers which i had downloaded from a site called trinnexx or some shit (it was already shutdown by the time i started hosting the files). Me and Viper would continue to do weird shit like infecting people with trojans that would automatically download a graal server and FTP server and ran them whenever they turned their computer on. We would also search for VBulletin exploits to hack the graal forums, but someone got hold of Angels forum password and we used that instead and took over the graal forums for a day. Then there was a forums called antigraal or antiunixmad which i joined and i think i was Admin. I added Jellyfish to my aim list and we talked. Some thing happened with Viper sending fake bomb scare emails to a school and some people said he was sent to prison for 20 years (which was a load of shit). A while later (maybe a year) i saw Viper log into Aim and we started talking again. He later told me about a project trying to get the old hacked gserver sources to work for the newer graal clients. I joined the IRC and told them i knew some C++ and i might be able to help. I helped fix a few bugs then left. I started helping out again after some germans apparently screwed the code up or something, but then decided to re-create the gserver from scratch because Stefans source code was too messy to work with.

                              EDIT: Dontar, no my alias my Ninjaterd. Must be confusing me with someone else, although i did host a 1.39 gserver ( and i think you were admin or something on it. I had two 1.39 server. One was hosted by Matriark Terval and the other ( i hosted at splicehost.
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