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    Prepare for die.


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      Originally posted by Chicken View Post
      Prepare for die.
      You'll actually find I'm the best sparrer, I've just been held back by massive ping and poor client networking... until now!


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        That's my line. Lmao. The only opponent in the sparring ring is lag.
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          Originally posted by Chicken View Post
          That's my line. Lmao. The only opponent in the sparring ring is lag.
          Lol well bad news for you because you live in Australia right? Lag may or may not be a problem (the point of the test) but ping definitely will be. The location of the server I'm renting will be hosted east coast United States. In a few weeks / months when people can host their own servers, that may not be a problem (at least for people living in that side of the world).
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            Coming Soontm (probably tonight).


            Didn't have enough time last weekend to get this combat test to the polish I wanted for a demo. It's still not totally where I'd want it to be but enough talk, more sparring! That's what testing is for.

            Also once it's up I'll feel more motivated to add tiny bug fixes, features and improvements to lag compensation / interpolation every night on weekdays after work.
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              rou i want to play


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                Nope. Life does not allow projects. I speak from experience.
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                  ill invest $500 dollars to the first person to make it to beta stage with their client
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                    Yeah it's been like two months or so since I said anything, but that's because I didn't want to post with empty promises, I wanted to post with something to show.

                    It's a combination of life / work getting in the way and some minor roadblocks. I was working on a major refactor of the project to make sure things are done totally correctly this time rather than rushed out for a demo. Since I personally believe that this next build will be working towards the final stretch (gearing up to alpha / hopefully steam / official release), I can't do that until some roadblocks are passed. (I mean I could, especially if I make sure all my code is modular, it'd just bother the hell out of me). Once those are complete I'll probably be making minor/major updates at least every weekend again. So I'll post here when they are done. Those things are:
                    1. I'm writing a compiler using C bindings to generate IDL code for a new serialization format (almost done writing the lexer/parser) which is much more efficient than the JSON-like serialization I was using before which was slow because it wasn't strongly typed and required reflection on both the client and server, and it also didn't allow construction of the format with missing fields (when certain data is unnecessary to send, saving serialized data size) similar to what's described in Tribes Networking Engine Model whitepaper: The JSON-like format was probably more than good enough in general, but for a sort of "MMO" action game, these sort of micro optimizations are important. I could not do these things and just focus on features, but this is fundamental to the flow / design of data back and forth from the client, so it's aggravating to work on anything else until this is complete. I don't believe this is perfectionist, I believe it will pay off greatly in the long run.
                    2. I'm also writing a new runtime for the bone animation format, which will make it much easier for people to make "gani"-like animations using already available open source editors.
                    3. Parse the tilemaps on the serverside and write efficient spatial hashing collision checking that will check tilemap collision authoritatively on the serverside to prevent wallhacking.
                    4. Account system so that only the admins of a your server have access to writing server-side scripts. (Which also ties into completing the backend of the website).
                    All these things have been procrastinated until the demo was done, because these things take time and are very difficult to show any progress on through any visual means. Once they are complete, and I've refactored the engine with a strong base, rapid-fire development will be easy.

                    ETA: Within the next two months or I will be super mad at myself (as I plan to complete the alpha, with level editor and server included, by the end of the year).
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                      Just a quick update for those who care to know. About 70% done with the new serialization language compiler, the lexer and parser are complete. I expect the networking performance boost for this to be pretty significant. When you benchmark the difference between strong typing and reflection for deserialization, it's significance becomes quite obvious.

                      Also started on the new animations runtime:

                      Progress is starting coming along pretty well.

                      Like I said those are the biggest roadblocks at the moment, so after they're done I should be back to full-speed development on the weekends.
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                        Very awesome good Sir I wonder if my character will still move at blazing light speeds XD
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                          Making more progress on the new animation runtime. Got RBGA color transitions / alpha transparency, and full scale transforms working using a transformation matrix.

                          Haven't really been working on the compiler (although that's about a weekend or two of focus from being done) because I've been focusing on this. So the first iteration is about 90% complete right now. The only thing that isn't complete is some bugs I'm ironing out with mesh deformation. Although I don't know how useful that'll be for pixel art, but I'm sure people will find a use for it, like window curtain cloths in a level or giant bosses for example. They should be used in limited capacity, for performance reasons.

                          Here is an example of mesh deformation from a small mobile game that I'm working on (on the side) with my wife (which will use the same engine I'm making for this project).

                          (Not a finished animation, just a test of mesh deformation.)

                          This new animation runtime may not appear very important since I already had one (using modified external libs), but building my own from scratch comes with a lot of benefits under the hood, including performance, modularity, easily being able to parse any format from any editor and translate it to this runtime (including possible GANI support in the future, if enough people are interested), custom texture atlases, ect.

                          Things are slowing down with my contract work so start expecting weekly updates soon on weekends (and perhaps the occasional update on weeknights).
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