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    Originally posted by 2ndwolf View Post
    So we have a real full stack developer here!

    I feel I'm missing something, what are micro-dependencies? Are they browser compatibility issues? API issues?
    Most commonly used node.js dependencies, even simple and essential ones like parsing an HTTP request body, will often come with dozens of dependencies. You take a look at the package.json and the node_modules folder of any modern JS project and it looks like hell. On the one hand it's great, because modules encourage an anti-framework pattern and avoid monolithic frameworks by splitting up modules into small libraries with singular objectives (of which you can pick and choose which is the best).

    But the JS world moves so fast that things can become deprecated at light-speed (in a matter of months), so just when you feel like you've got the perfect setup, you're gonna have to take a look another look at your package.json again.

    NPM and Yarn is built in a way to avoid hassle:

    But it's not perfect, nor does it solve the massive security holes in having hundreds of potentially unknown modules which are dependencies of whatever you might need.
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      Just another post to to keep you updated. Getting very close to finishing the compiler for the new serialization format. Already have basic types working. (Int8, Int16, Int32, Int64, Float32, Float64, Strings, ect.)

      Screenshot of serializing and deserializing over a network:

      I'm feeling relief as I'm finally about to start the major refactor of the core game once this compiler is complete, and hopefully I'll have another demo out within 1-2 months. One that will be the final base for the game's alpha builds. So expect more interesting results soon.
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        Good job with your thing. I can tell that it's coming along well because there are pictures.
        Originally posted by LoakeyRonso
        oh and the reason graal reborn is dead isn't what ever reason you want to blame it on , it's you . you publicly humiliate anyone who shows up , call them derogatory word's and treat them like shit . you close any thread you don't have any interest in even if other people do . slam their work without consideration for the person themself . how it is anyone can even consider you a decent human being is beyond me .