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    Yeah it's meant to look like they're getting knocked off their feet, by a sword swing or something and it cuts their arm off a bit lol. I could gib it at the end. I'm always up for some over the top pixel gore.


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      Make one of his eyeballs pop out

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        I tried to make it somewhat of a comical dirty wolf sees a hot girl type of eye pop.

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          Worked on a few graphics today. Been messing around with messing a little bit again and decided to do a new letters.png thing lol.
          Might redo the text also.

          Redid all the lower case text, tested and well... Apparently it's spaced oddly and messed up my custom text. So, I just made a recolor.

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            Looks great, but the repetitive tear/paper defect pattern at the bottom bothers me honestly.
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              It doesn't bother me that much though it is a minor imperfection or it could be a feature/bonus, overall it looks good. Remember with graal and it's images we have a pretty limited number of pixels to work with so repeating patterns will come up often.



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                Graal is naturally shitty looking so it doesn't really matter what you do, the defects are the features.
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                Originally posted by antago
                Dude I would rip your fucking head off, you really think you're tough talking nasty and taking low blows--and I would feast on your fucking heart & love it. How does it feel? I'd scalp you alive and destroy your name in the pages of history like I'm doing now. I am here to write history, not cry like a little bitch and I didn't do it to myself.

                So by all means, come with me out seas off borders and see what I do to you. Better yet, accept the curse from God you've just begged for--and now your life will go to shit.