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Making some progress, again.

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  • Making some progress, again.

    Posted this a few days ago in my old thread, and then again and it said "waiting for approval" or some such thing lol. Not sure why. Anyway, I started messing around with it a little bit and changed the main colour (green) a lot after looking at it again.

    I still plan on tinkering with this off an on and will see if I can complete some requests for things to be added in to it or suggestions about fixing things.

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    The light falling on the top of the tree doesn't look quite right to me, but I think this is great work regardless. I hope to see further persistence


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      The tiles the player is going to move over are too detail heavy...
      Servers I've seen with such detailed tilesets always looked unpleasing to me.


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        Thanks for the input. I get what you mean. The grass tiles specifically are actually detail tiles are meant to be broken up with just a flat or extremely under detailed repeating piece. As for the dark gray cobble, I am probably removing those as I hate them XD

        Tinked a little bit with some beach tiles. Just testing right now. The ones on the left are heavily inspired by secret of mana. I was using an image of it as a reference for these to help me out.

        I also changed up the broken, orange cobble stones a bit and modified the tree some more.

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          Nice beach tiles. I really like the colours you chose. Would be great to have water shallow tiles though that give you the flexibility pics1 presents.


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            Jah. Already planned. Those area all transition tiles. So, it's already possible. So, the light blue is the shallow, etc.


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              Originally posted by tricxta View Post
              Nice beach tiles. I really like the colours you chose. Would be great to have water shallow tiles though that give you the flexibility pics1 presents.
              I agree with that.


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                I will have a look at maybe some more shallow variations, but the initial transition was meant to be that, to be honest XD.I might go back through that layer and add in some under detail to it, under the water that is. Just like the pastern of the sand or something, to make it look shallow.

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                  I see progress. I like.


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                    Put a bit more work into this. I started on a basic brick tile and then got a colour I liked for it. I will probably make some paths with a similar palette and replace some colours, possibly. Going to swap back to the water tiles again shortly. Been swapping between this, programming and some Star Wars graal levels and other things. So, my time has been limited.

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                      I like your style ;D those cliffs remind me of rpg maker vx/mv type cliffs, but yours are colored better


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                        Good shit. I like the ability to choose between different roof styles, that's often overlooked with tilesets. I can already see myself using this.
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                          I downloaded it too, should I make any additions or edits I'll be sure to post it here for you. Keep up the good work!


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                            Started working on some waterfall tiles and other misc things.