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  • Originally posted by tricxta View Post
    I miss not developing phoenix :C
    You mean you do miss developing Phoenix :[[[[


    • Feeling like the project is going to be useful is a big part of what drives me to continue, so it's nice to see that it seems wanted. I guess that's the best that can really be hoped for at the moment.

      I finally got a little tired of WoW and ran a quick test that confirms my suspicion about a single, large file dramatically improving performance on random loads. The load time of 1218 levels was virtually identical (with the difference being completely insignificant) on a fresh start of Windows compared to after the file had been first loaded. This would solve the problem that was being faced with some lagging on the first use of levels after starting Windows. (Or after the files had been removed from OS cache, which is the real concern.) I'm not sure if a multi-level combined format would be a good idea, or some sort of auto-archiving should occur by the server.

      All of this is really extreme nitpicking anyway. In normal use cases, this loading lag isn't even going to be experienced, as it's only visible when traversing levels at absurd speeds. Even with something like the typical "staff boots", is a tiny occasional stutter that big of an issue to worry about right now? lol
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      • What I want from your project right now is for it to be at a point where I can program stuff with it.
        So no, I don't care. Unless it's a core thing that will not be possible to change/upgrade later but it doesn't seem like it. The single large level idea doesn't appeal to me unless having it could solve the problem of "chasing an NPC through levels" like tricxta calls it.