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Perhaps a new client patching tutorial is required

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  • Perhaps a new client patching tutorial is required

    I have just been preparing a talk on reverse engineering binaries and am going to be using Graal 1.39 as a case study.

    After cracking the client as a practice run before a live demo, I decided to compare it with my feeble attempts at a tutorial a long, long while ago:

    Wow, I kinda missed the plot a bit. The "client modified" error message is pretty easy to find and patch away. However we never actually get that. We instead get the "client is corrupted" message box and that takes me on an epic rabbit hole down code paths instead.

    Basically it was by pure chance my patching to remove the "client modified" error also happened to avoid the "corrupted client" error.

    Just fyi
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    I forgot that was even there.
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    Originally posted by LoakeyRonso
    oh and the reason graal reborn is dead isn't what ever reason you want to blame it on , it's you . you publicly humiliate anyone who shows up , call them derogatory word's and treat them like shit . you close any thread you don't have any interest in even if other people do . slam their work without consideration for the person themself . how it is anyone can even consider you a decent human being is beyond me .


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      I still don't really know what client patching even is