2.17 Login Screen Squeak Problem

Ok this is very weird. It just started happening and doesn’t always happen; usually after a restart it won’t happen for awhile. It seems that when my cursor is over the 2.17 login screen, something in my computer starts making an odd squeaking sound. It only happens when the mouse is over it, and only on that screen. No problems on server select or in game. I thought it was the HDD at first, but I opened it up and listened and it sounded like it was coming off the motherboard somewhere. I couldn’t pinpoint it. It happens with the Eradia themed .exe and my own themed one. I tested 2.3 and had no such problem. Any idea on the cause? It hasn’t seemed to harm anything, but it’s worrying.

it might be the on-board sound module, the thing that does the 8bit sound if you have no soundcard (the beeps it does when booting on older computers or dos computers with no sound cards or operating system)

or there might be a mouse inside your computer that doesnt like Eradia’s exe or your custom one <_<

mmmm, mouse burgers… MEOW

It didn’t sound like it was coming from where the PC speaker is though. I might try unplugging that later just to see. It functions properly, beeping at startup and sometimes when selecting servers from the 2.17 list, and always when selecting a player in the playerlist (does this all the way up to Graal 5).

It’s not the PC-speaker. There’s a second onboard sound-thing that only does squeeky sounds (doesn’t exist on all motherboards.)

Cadavre made a better description.

my computer has one, it beeps a lot when I play dos games on DoSBoX.

Never heard of that before. Should I not worry so much then? When I first heard it I thought something was shorting out >_<

only thing you gotta really worry about is if your computer starts clicking

if it starts clicking, TURN IT OFF and take it to your nearest computer repair shop…clicking = dying harddrive…

Clicking = turn it off and beat it

It’s just system beep or w/e You can disable it I believe. Google how to disable system beep.

It’s like the error speaker for when you turn your computer on if you hear like 2 beeps or something it means something is fucked up.


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Must be.