2D games

I’m curious, what do you all think about 2D games at this point in time? Do you feel like they even have a place anymore? Are there enough people actually interested to make the time investment worthwhile? (When not considering mobile-only users.)

Sometimes it’s hard to have the desire to do anything because it feels like the effort is being wasted. I know there are other games like Terraria, but I have no idea what their populations are like. I’m hoping someone can provide some motivating insight.

i think you think too much

This is something I’ve thought about a lot, actually. Since you asked I’ll lay down my two cents.

2d gaming is just a style of a game. I think if it exists and it’s good people will play it. 2d may have went out of style in the early 2000’s because we were finally able to make 3d games, but now that the charm is wearing off a bit I see people reverting back to 2d. I think this is because certain games work better as 2d’s.

A great example is the mega man series. Nintendo was able to release around 10 mega man games (all basically the same) as 2d platformers throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Then along comes that N64 and they release the miserable MegaMan64 (it’s actually KIND of fun, but it looks and feels terrible). Overall, it didn’t work out. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 Nintendo released MegaMan 8,9,and 10, respectively, in the old 2d, 8 bit platformer style. If you read up on opinions of those games Mega Man fans like them (including myself) and are glad that they can have NEW games in the old style.

Also, in essence 2d games are just a different type of game. Before, in the 80’s and 90’s, we were limited to how we could make a game; they HAD to be 2d even if the concept was ahead of its time and may have been better suited for 3d. Now, we are able to make games how based on how best a player might interact with them. 2D is still very much alive and well with games such as Super Meat Boy, Scott Pilgrim, Terraria, PixelJunk Shooter, and Braid.

Nintendo has since used 2d platforming in new titles like Super Mario Bro’s and Donkey Kong-- finding that you can make a different games with the same franchise by releasing a game in once style and then also in 2d (platformer) style. They function very differently as far as gameplay goes, but the experience isn’t diminished unless it’s just a bad game. It just proves that it’s not a matter of 2d vs any other form of gaming – It’s good game vs. bad game that really matters.

I know this may sound trite, but when it boils right down to it a gamer wants something that is fun.

2d, whether it is animation or games, they own a bigger part in my heart than 3d!
Just because 2d is so much more awesome.

Really, 2d FOREVAH.

(you do know you’re getting biased opinions, right?)

I play Terraria all the time. 2D games can be awesome, gameplay just needs to be focused on in order for them to be played by a majority of gamers.

Soldat is fun

I knew I could count on you to provide useful feedback.

Soldat is 2d bro

What do you think Starcraft2, Diablo3, and League of Legends are?

They may be 3D engines, but the gameplay and camera position are in 2D. So it’s really just an art style for them, in order to be all expensive and fancy. Their gameplay would all work 100% on a 2D surface.

I think you give me too much credit for being familiar with other games. There’s definitely been some stuff said here that I hadn’t considered or didn’t know about, which has been helpful.