i think that’s an npc

If I am correct 39ster was part of the team tha hacked the Official Graal Playerworlds during the ‘Anti-Unixmad War’. Oh and Tricxta, how are you still getting offmap on iPhone?

I don’t remember him as a part of that… Pie’s crowd or cheeta’s?

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edit: hi this is gllt what the fuck are you even talking about

so the clown on crack thinks this is photoshopped? Well you can think what ever you like because when your on crack the skies the limit.

Actually, Roxo, it is a real pub on Classic iPhone.

cocaine not crack

nazi not spooon :confused:

tricxta i don’t think spooon correcting you on rockso the clown is anything to call someone a nazi over

maybe a pickle licker

opshon blows

This is in Sunny Acres, I’ve seen it myself.

I’m thinking of banning all of these idiots. I can’t stand this drama. What happened to just flaming for sport? The flamings are becoming personal grudges.

It’s like I’m back in middle school.
In high school, everyone has gotten high, and therefore no one cares.

Hence the name “High” School.

ban me… come on do it. I dare you!

tricxta you’re making yourself look bad again, I actually don’t want to see you leave
you annoy spooon but you’re not as bad as some of the other faggots running around right now

of course this makes me wonder why opshon isn’t banned

coz people dont get banned, they get temp banned and in the aim of trying to scare them…

Because Opshon knows his limits. We already have all of his personal info too. Downsider and I got into his MSN, Facebook, Youtube and stuff.

Back in my day, me and Spooon used to go neck-to-neck with each other.