sup nerds, here is where imma post some sick memes

you ripped off my gachimuchi thread I created like 4 years ago!

WELL DONE :smiley:
still my favorite live action naked lizard battle of all time!

♂ oh shit, i’m sorry ♂

I’ll try to not only post gachimuchi manly men, I’ll have other stupid stuff in here too

this thread is sponsored by MLG, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Weed and Dank Memes.

I feel dirty.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Posted before… but I don’t care.

prepare yourself for some underground serb memes not seen since the genocidal crusades of the 1990’s

real video (not a joke)

cool serbski song

me irl

glorious people’s republic




that’s alright these waifus ain’t worth shit
as long as nobody touches dera-chan I’m fine

ooh good idea, I’m gonna send that in as a suggestion

noooooot cool dude!!!

without the chinese communist party a genocide that makes the holocaust look small in comparison wouldn’t have happened