A bank

All the banks i seem to get do not work well,
they either let players deposit gralets without any actually being taken away,
or the commands dont work

/r/ a delete (:


Why did you make another account?

opps sorry, its to test some things on my server out

if (playerchats) {
  tokenize #c;
  if (strequals(#t(0),deposit)) {
    this.d = strtofloat(#t(1));
    if (playerrupees - this.d >= 0) {
      playerrupees -= this.d;
      setstring client.bankbucks,#v(strtofloat(#s(client.bankbucks))+this.d);
  } else if (strequals(#t(0),withdraw)) {
    if (strtofloat(#s(client.bankbucks))-this.d >= 0) {
      playerrupees += this.d;
      setstring client.bankbucks,#v(strtofloat(#s(client.bankbucks))-this.d);

Typing on an iPhone sucks. I was going to add more features to it, but realized I don’t feel like putting effort into it.