A better way to provide parameters to 'putnpc'

So you’re saying push params to a level string then pop them via the npc? That’s a seemingly valid solution expect… I’m a bit concerned with latency and how the server & clients will preserve ordering. Doesn’t sound bad at all if it works as intended however. This thread is about doing away with these work arounds though, i.e. “A better way”.

Could use shoot to send the params.

You don’t understand… there’s latency you have to contend with, thus you must ensure the npc is placed before you can do anything with it.

Could use that other trigger hack to edit the NPC file before you place it

Technically any change you could make to the server is also a “workaround” since changing the client is unrealistic.


As long as you can pop off the params in the order in which you place NPCs then you should be fine.

Very true, but at least it’s hidden away from developers, improving the quality of scripts.

Why don’t you have the NPC send out a flag, triggeraction, shoot, string, callweapon, callnpc, etc when the NPC is created so it can get its params when it needs to?