A Forum

Hey guys just wanted to tell you there is a forum I have on the website I made. I bought it for my GraalOnline server, and some other things. But I don’t get much traffic to the GraalOnline part, as much as I do to the GraalFiles section xD

If you guys wanna start populating the forums, it would be nice of you :slight_smile:
If it starts getting populated enough, I could use a moderator or 3 :wink:

Check it out, start a post or 2 to drag some people in or something idk. I just want to get some traffic through it, so I don’t feel like im completely wasting money on it.


wow his vbulletin is fast too

done joined some time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I signed up too, additional forums are never a bad thing.
This or other forums should not be viewed as a total replacement for graal reborn, but rather an additional resource and backup place to go.
P.S. I got a vanilla, highly incomplete PHPBB forum at http://ostracized.co.nr/phpbb/ I hope to add additional stuff, customize and clean it up in the near future. If for some reason you actually try visiting my phpbb in the next few hours and it’s down that means I momentarily turned off that box to plug it into my KVM switch along with 3 other junky old computers.
P.S. It’s always a good idea to use different passwords for each different forum or service even if you trust the owners 100%

Lol. Use the internet. Abuse the internet.

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Yes its fast, and it needs to be populated :wink: Join up people, I’ll be reborns back-up haha


I joined, but I can see the GO people pretty much flipping the finger at us Reborn fellows.

considering everyone at GO don’t care much for reborn , never have and never will . as well as every where else, here’s your get a clue picture .

ROFL is that a South Park representation of Stefan and Unixmad?
Brown nosers from G.O. that think they are somehow “trendy” for kissing the backside, having no free thought or free will and use I-Phones while butchering the English language will always hate anyone that disagrees with them. My response to G.O. people has always been this.