A Late Hello

I’ve been lurking around the Reborn community for quite some time now, so I thought it would be decent to make a formal introduction of myself. Hey, I’m Chris. I script in GS2 (not so good at GS1) and have been in the GraalOnline Community for four years or so. The main reason why I continued GraalOnline is because the community is great. Since I am a Graal Developer, and not just some iPhone Player, I found that GraalOnline is quite restricted for Developers. If I want to script something for a server, I have to either buy my own (but I’m poor), or buy gold for a month for 5 dollars. Graal would be a much better game Free to Play. Anywho, I joined reborn so I could develop for free again. Although Reborn is not quite done yet, it has been useful in my time in Graal. I hope that one day GS2 emulation will come out so I never have to pay for gold membership again.

Anyway, it’s been nice joining.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Just don’t get bored with us too fast

Welcome! You will find there are many opportunities to develop, contribute and share freely. I am hopeful that GS2 will eventually be usable on Graal Reborn, but even with just GS1 and some other limitations you may find Graal Reborn to be a breath of fresh air to have a sandbox for levels and npcs without having to pay money every time. I’ve always found it abhorrent and completely wrong that Stephane and GraalOnline not only get people to work for him for free then claims it as his own property and makes a profit off it, but then also charges people money to create content for their profit that others have to pay money to even see or play.

No, I’m Chris.

spooon pls


I love how you went to the effort to thank him from every account

Spooon is bored.

I have the most rep on the forums. Just sharin’.