A little discussion/suggestion about Graal Reborn


nah, for graal it would be free. thats my requirement haha


At least pursue donations/reward system of some kind, I just want the devs to stay motivated :stuck_out_tongue:

you all are running a pretty sweet operation as is, there’s just alot of stigma attached within the legit graal community. I’ve seen posts on their forums mentioning reborn, and the moderators either shut it down fast or insist on turning it into a drama-fest over why they’re better and calling Reborn “illegal”… Their playerbase (ones that even are aware of reborn) get brainwashed into their propoganda, alot of the younger players anyway

Looking at it from their perspective though, I understand their stance. Reborn does pose a threat to their revenue and playercount, should public opinion shift.

(Why canz we allz juz be franz!?)


What I liked of Graal was the crowdsourced content. I’d like to see something like Unity’s asset thing where players can upload their graphics and NPCs and other players can pay to use them and make their own content with. Once the new content is done, submit it to the verification team so they will upload it for free, on the servers if it’s complete levels and things or on the asset store if they’re assets.
With some excess money, there could be monthly contests for the best tileset or NPC. Giving like 100$ to the best coder/graphic artist. (That’s a good way to get cheap quality content.)

Crowdsourcing is key. There should be a model built around the idea of crowdsourcing.


This could be a good middle ground for both sides of the discussion. It’d also help protect property rights, an issue that (used to be, may still be…) was common on legit graal with uploaded content from players and staff on certain servers.


If everything gets established, give us (graphic artists) the specifications on tile sizes and character dimensions, and I’ll contribute some content to use with the editor.


Graal idle game… I’d play it.


There was one on PWA and you played it.


Establish an official team hiearchy, you’ll need someone thats deeply tied to it that everyone can vote to be trustworthy with handling money. I know that’s gonna be hard to do online, but if you’re serious about this everything needs to be official. I could try to dig around and find some good examples of how to operate as an official business industry, as I really don’t understand all of the details at the moment, but if it’d help get everything organized just let me know. I’m not asking to get involved with the dev team, maybe later on I’d like to help with the graphic design of the company image or game design. You’ll have to look at whatever country of origin the company would be operating in I guess, and follow certain laws especially involving taxes based off the revenue. I don’t think donations would be so complicated though, but this is something that would definitely need to be checked out if everyone is serious about doing this.

I admit I could be wrong, but I just want to look at it from all angles and give suggestions about the process.


My servers in the same shape at the moment, but I’m about to put up the first actual gmap for a little exploration. I guess you could consider these servers a small social hangouts atm lol.


Oh really now?


jokes on you, graal is already an idle game


Ah shit, I’ve reinvented the wheel. gg