A new moderator emerges (but not actually)

It’s times like this I’m glad we no longer have rileyfiery.

For a second there I thought it was Darlene and she was mod on GR forums… And I was about to get permanent banned on here to.

Probably the best reaction I could’ve hoped for hah (not evil at all ).

I love Snoob.

What’s the point?
I too wondered why darlene was suddenly mod here.

lmao darlene the crazy catlady

It’s only a guess, but I think it would probably have something to do with the final collapse of PC graal, and graalians is now officially the main congregation point for graal players so unixmad had to get serious to make sure everyone gets subject to true censorship?

At this point, we can see unixmad is just a control freak with unbelievably bad managing skills. Or does he actually want his game to die?

What’s his goal? To gradually get to finally attack this place? Is he driven by a want to kill Graal Reborn?

I’d actually watch a talk show with him and these questions.

Uh so where’s the new hub for people who hate Graalians? Here? Surely not here.

So I just got aware of that… go Stefan!

Wow, those bodies/heads are so ugly…

I’m guessing he wanted to make sure it was completely distinct from graal so unixmad can’t come after him. It actually looks kinda decent though, I don’t mind the graphic style personally.

It’s very similar to Graal, actually… just look at Logic Fan’s comment in the comment section where he lists all the similarities.

Ew, it’s for mobile devices, too. That’s hardly surprising though, given how they’re probably more used now than desktop computers for consumers. (Which is really sad.)

I used to think it was sad but then I realized it makes computers more like a tool like it used to be. I enjoy this throwback, the only reason why I should find it sad is that it leaves gaming platforms vacant… but there are still more computer users now than there were 20 years ago. So yay.

… yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to point out the similarities between this game and era (or classic and zelda…), but my point was it comes across as unique enough, that were there a dispute of copyright over theft or recreation of an already trademarked product, stefan would probably have the higher ground (disclaimer: I’m no copyright expert).

Stefan kept all of it down to the hotkeys and unstick me… were there to be a dispute… I believe Stefan could loose.

Well… that would be stupid of stefan to put himself in that position, and I don’t see him as stupid… enough said.

He still uses ‘playertouchsme’. Why…