A new moderator emerges (but not actually)


can someone explain to me who this Darlene is and why everyone hates her?

I gather she is some sort of hard-liner admin. Any specifics?

I only have a graalians account so no one takes my ‘The Mollusk’ name ™.


I don’t have an account on Graalians because “The Mollusk” was already taken. Oh.




darlene is basically a female stephane. hardline unlikeable moderator that has undying loyalty to unixmad





that is so fucking creepy


Just because Stefan had a falling out with Unixmad, suddenly Stefan isn’t a retard nor a big part of the reason PC Graal was neglected. I guess our memories are shit.


lol, Stefan refused to block the Graal Relay for years, even after I sent him the source code through MysticalDragon and included multiple ways that it could be detected and blocked.


I guess he’s stupid… hey he worked for Unixmad for years, he must be stupid.


If he’s stupid, but made a game that we all loved, what does that make us?




Based on the brief chats I had with him, he came across as more intelligent and savy. I guess I was fooled.:shrug: