A question!

I’m gonna start actually reading those little guides and such on NPC making, maybe I’ll get somewhere?

But yeah, I have a question lol

How many months would it take probally to become even a decent programmer in GS1? :stuck_out_tongue:

Step 1: Logic
Step 2: A Goal (Knowing what you want to script)
Step 3: Knowing the Pieces (Commands to complete said Goal)
Step 4: Knowing how the Commands work (and how they break)
Step 5: Lots more Trial and Error

Basically, Logic + Trial and Error will get you far.

Ahha :slight_smile:

That’s all I need to know then because I’m pretty dedicated to this :confused:

Especially when you go a few years with the will to learn but you never have a clue on how to learn… But I sadly just noticed the documents -_-

Any other documents that can help besides the little one in the Graal2001 folder as well?

All of the newfeatures200_.txt files are good.

I didn’t even know those had any commands in them! :open_mouth:

Thank you so much! XD

Let us just see how fast I can get the small commands down lolol

its not about how fast you learn its about how good you get

and that only time will tell

Debugging is also a very important process :slight_smile:
Much of the assistance people ask for can be properly averted if they instead do a simple amount of debugging in their script to pinpoint the problem.

I’d say within a week your a expert weeeiii

Anyway, it all depends on how devoted you
can become to learning the scripting language.
It can sometimes help to study already made scripts
and learn how they work.

I’d suggest looking around the NPCs section
of the forum for some scripts you can study. :slight_smile:

not intirely true
some people realy are devoted, but they just suck at it.
like me :slight_smile:

Devoted to learn. If you learn well and are devoted to
it then it should be no problem in the future.

If you suck even after “trying” to learn, you weren’t
devoted to learning everything. :slight_smile:

So you mean whoever is devoted to learn something, can do so? Meh, I’m iffy on that. A lot of things you can learn on a technical level, but sometimes it takes more than that.

Oh, and sometimes no matter how hard someone tries to learn something, they just might not be able to grasp it.

If learning was as simple as actually wanting to learn, I think the world would be a different place.

It is as simple as wanting to learn.
If you want to learn something and work at it, you’ll
eventually grasp the concept. :slight_smile:
Now if you half-ass it all the way through, you won’t
gain the knowledge. You must be devoted to learning.

(I think the world would be a different place if we took the warning labels off of everything.)

So I guess you never wanted to learn when to properly start a new line? :stuck_out_tongue: I kid.

But no, it’s not that simple… There are plenty of people who want to learn something, put full effort into it, and can never grasp the basics. Some people pick things up in a snap, some never do. To say they half-ass it when they really put a lot of effort into it is kind of a slap in their face.

Actually … if you put absolute full effort into it, you can grasp the basics.
Putting full effort into something would be to do everything in your power
to learn it.
Some say the do, but they really don’t. :slight_smile:

Also, I type like this because I JUST FRICKEN CAN’T STOP. xD
It’s become such a habit.

uumm I meant you can become a pro within a week to become Beholders status and live breath and eerr anything else with GS1 script you have to do trial and error (have a lot of know how, takes a lot longer). Their is three qualities that all GR staffers have which is devotion, irrationality to be rational, and crazy or as the acronym I use to be a D.I.C.

thats what you think, but i think of it in 2 ways
some people are devoted, and can learn to script
some people are devoted, and just cant get anything to work.

It also matters if you have the patients to just read a simple NPCprogramming Document because so far that worked with me and I can already make Basic scripts now XD

I’m on my way to GUI’s, in fact I’m making mine right now for Evi!

Scripting is pretty easy, wat.

It’s just intimidating, but it’s also ridiculously easy once you actually decide, “Hey, I shall learn this shit!”