A script that checks for the value of a string

Hi, I don’t know how to make one.
Here is the current script that obviously does not work:

if(strequals(string,0)){ message IT WORKS; }

Within a String: #v(strtofloat(string))
Within a Variable strtofloat(string)

If the number is not a variable, the number is 0.

You need a #s(string) if it’s a string set by setstring, unless it’s a built-in string like #c, #n, etc


if (strtofloat(#s(string)) == 0) {
  setplayerprop #c, OH MY GOD HUGE TITS;

Okay it works now. Now, there’s one more thing.
The script only checks if the player enters the level or it gets updated, how do you make it check on the fly?

By putting it in a loop to keep checking. an example is to have it in a timeout.

if(timeout) {

timeout = 0.05;

Here’s a bit of a test for you, the “timeout” doesn’t start on it’s own, it requires something to call the timeout. Lets see if you can figure it out on your own.

stefan i believe it should be

If (playerenters || timeout) {

im still a nub so that might now work, but i think thats how its done

or after the script when the last } is put a

timeout = 0.05;

that should be it