A shake screen NPC

All I need is an NPC that will shake the screen when activated. That’s all.

if(playerchats) {
for(this.i=0;this.i<10;this.i++) {
setfocus playerx+random(-1,1),playery+random(-1,1);
sleep 0.05;


cool script.

easy script… O.o

simplicity is nice, sometimes if you’ve been doing algebra for too long you forget to check the difference between numbers which are even and odd. (actually happened to me. failed a test question over it.)

I just jizzed myself, awesome fucking script!

I used sin! :smiley:

I killed Sin. Didn’t really see it as a tool.

Does that mean it’s the calm right now?

What the hell people, its just a forloop and a setfocus o_o

Dude, don’t be so modest… It’s fucking awesome! This is -just- what I needed for my server!

simplicity is good on many levels mainly so the graal client doesn’t crash… Can’t wait for the future when more complex code possibly AI is made and betetr hardware = shitter programars… Future is looking more hackable all the time :smiley:

Fo’ sho!

[php]function earthquake() {
this.magnitude = 1;
for (i=this.magnitude;i>0;i-=this.magnitude/20) {
this.angle = (this.angle+(pi/2))%(pi*2);
setfocus playerx,playery+sin(this.angle)*i;
sleep 0.05;

^ Fucking sucks.

Beholder’s is better, guys.


Downsider is clearly an alias for Downssyndrome

This is why we can’t have nice things.

We call this magic :open_mouth: