A test

Decipher this.


___Merged doublepost__________________

That’s what I know that to mean.

uh… no

it means :unixmad: Sux.


Maybe I have the cipher mixed up.

Just slightly

did this in mspaint real quick

this is what I learned when I was like five

___Merged doublepost__________________

also when I first saw spooons image I thought it was hebrew

That’s pidgeon cipher. I don’t use pidgeon cipher.

Thats unixmad’s hand writing.

what would you use a cipher for anyways ? i mean seriously i cant think of a single reason anyone would use it unless the are some kind of secret agent .

it is graal’s new encryption format.

I was close! :0

it says “lol, youre all a bunch of dumb faggots”

nah thats too long, im suprised no one has been able to work it out

Was an idea Zippy told me for the Ebon Keep on Classic. The idea was that you’d see ciphered mesages and as you progress through the quest you learn more and more about the cipher, or we just give you the pattern and have you figure it out.

sounds like a good idea, train reborn in the art of deciphering. I like it :smiley:

One part that usually helps is solving the letter E, however the example is too damn short to solve anything without brute forcing. lol