A way to send a linebreak as part of the description field

Exactly what it says.

Hmm. A workaround would probably be to add a bunch of spaces so it automagically line-wraps. I could experiment to see if it is possible. Based on my knowledge of Graal’s packet protocol, I think I have an idea on how it could possibly be done. But no guarantees.

Tried using § (alt+0167) it’s what Graal uses for linebreaks in scripts.

…but I don’t see what the problem would be with just a good old cr/lf?

Doesn’t matter. It’s the client and that can’t be changed.

Graal uses \r for line breaks in a couple of places (some message box dialogues). I will try that to see if it works for the server listing. A \r
would be unrealistic as Graal uses
to terminate packets. That is why Graal uses § internally.