Accidental Post

I accidently tried to post a retarded message in the Harmonia subforums instead of where it belonged …in Playerworlds.
Moderators Forgive!!

Moderators shall not forgive. Prepare to get spanked.

The beer made me do it.
I blame it all on the booze.

I believe your only options are to either jump off a bridge to certain death or to repent by providing an original quest for Harmonia–nice knowing you…

While Harmonia is an awesome server so far…
If I come up with an original quest of any kind…I’m making it for Rune.
And as far as jumping off a bridge…maybe after a few more beers.:slight_smile:

You’re silly, you can only jump off cliff tiles.

setshape2 2,2,{21,21,21,21};


I didnt even think about cliff tiles…lol

I love you. I actually lol’d at that.

I did too. :[

Graal Jokes. :stuck_out_tongue: I lol’d

I cant stop lol’ing.
It was very clever:)

that isn’t even funny >:[