Adding/Removing servers on the fly

I’m thinking of adding a script to my gserver that lets people request for a server, much like GO’s system for adding/removing servers automatically, except, my only criteria is that it’s actually going to be used. Something for people that are unable to host their own servers for whatever reason.

So, it would be great if you could make the gserver executable check the servers.txt (or possibly a mysql database) whenever and see if there’s any changes, and shutdown or start the removed/added server.

Hmm. That could maybe be done.

This will also include restarting a server if that’s also plausible.

This would be an awesome idea.

My system works simliar… Even though you just have to contact me to get a server assigned to your account…
Every gServer uses its very own process so its completely secure even if the others mess up or just anything happens. :slight_smile: