Genmo’s Forum Date

Join Date: Aug 2001

That’s BS!!!

I know right. I think since I have been here so long I should be a moderator! I mean the fact that I could join this forum before it was even created has to mean something. I must be a GOD or something :smiley:

Reborn’s been around since 1997+. If I recall correctly

Maybe older.

So Genmo isnt God?

Some of the Graal Online forums stuff was ported over as far as I recall.

Twas a Joey edit.

Twas a Cadavre-is-bored-edit.

Le Gasp Well I’m not surprised about that. You were by first guess but the last public account mode of Genmo was Joey :[

Agret has the same date as he joined OGCC too. Beholder want some candy too?

Mines apparently 2002 (I hated the forums, still do)
Oddly enough my forum account is “Cling” instead of “cling” O_o

Mine is 2006 (although banned). I never bothered to use the forums until I was part of the private server community. I wanted some more info whenever it came.

Mine isn’t banned, more than likely not anyway.
The nail that sticks out gets hammered down; I wasn’t a fan of Unholy Nation, N-Pulse or like-populated servers. Where people spend the majority of their time in mass messages with the nicknames “Vegeta {Lookin’ 4 G/F}”

Ergo, I’m generally under the radar, works so well 90% of the people who come here have no clue who I am; Not many Enigma / Babylon players around here.

Some know who I am. Rufus that fag knows who I am. So I’m surprised that I’m not already permabanned on my 4-5 accounts I use. I also exploit stuff. No one seems to care anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got banned on two accounts back in 06 because I was the founder of Graal Reborn and I was banned directly by Unixmad because the ban message was written with his terrible french style. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most oldbies do know me now atleast (Classic, UGCC, Facebook groups, OGCC etc). They only know me from GR and not from the old times. I only hung with the swedish clique when I played back then.

And I only played classic. :stuck_out_tongue:

g2k1 <3

Damn. Everyone took it so seriously thinking i actually did join then. I just joined the forum like a few days ago…that’s why i thought it was funny that my join date said 2001 lol. Wow tho…didn’t know this forum as been around that long. Never even heard of it until recently.

Original graal reborn was started in a irc-channel back in 2004

Forums wasn’t added until 2005.

Forums was revamped in 2007 lol.