Am I Screwed?

Well earlier today I downloaded some game performance program called GameHike by SwiftDog
Well anyway the program wont give you max speed unless you bought the program for 11 bucks…
So i searched around a bit for some serials i found one i put it in hit enter it says
Thank you for buying GameHike! Then it opens my browser and tells me I have been reported for inputing an invalid serial number… It shows some long contract and says my Ip on it… It looked pretty real to me but I wouldent have a clue… What do you guys think is it a Bluff?

Why do you care if he got your IP? He wont do anything

oooo ur in trouble!

O noes. I guess even Spoon (as Mod) got your IP! >:O

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. I HAVE ALL OF YOUR IPS!

Im guessing that means you think its a bluff thanks for your input…

you have the ip of some people down the street . hahahaha

What a way to bastardize a program.


Let’s say, instead of a 2 at the end --you accidentally type a 5. Shite program.

Yeah thats probaly what I did

___Merged doublepost__________________

sorry about the doublepost but who cares if someone has my ip?:animesmiley:


oh noez spooon gonna steal ur megahurtz