An Example of Horrible PR

I’m not sure if you guys follow Penny Arcade, reddit, or whatever the devil kids do these days, so I’ll post this here in case someone hadn’t seen it.

The outrage of the internet was swift. Within 8 hours, he had changed twitter account names 3 times. And within 12 hours, he was fired.

The gaming scenes of the internet had a field day.

I could go on about this forever, but I just thought I’d share this with you all, in case you haven’t seen it. It’s a very interesting read, especially if you go through reddit and the other articles out there.

Now that is just friggin’ ridiculous!

Who the fuck cares?

Obviously a good deal of gamers who have either 1. been the guys who were picked on and bullied in school, and were ready to see this asshole get his comeuppance, or 2. encountered horrible pr situations before, and were glad to watch this guy crash and burn. Or, more than likely, a combination of both of them.

If you didn’t care, you didn’t have to read the article. It’s that easy.

I laughed so hard at the video.

I read it because I thought it’d be entertaining. I was wrong, so I thought I’d share my grievances.

I also don’t understand why people care about this crap. Clearly I don’t because I was never bullied in school, nor have I had a negative experience with a public relations representative of any company or business.

But why would I have been bullied? My family had so much money while I was growing up that everyone wanted to be my friend because of it. And why would I care about how I’m treated by an overworked and under-sexed “PR” of a business I purchased a product of miniscule value compared to my net wealth?

tl;dr version

I have a lot of money, and I don’t care very much about anything.