An old screenshot of Graal Online's website..

My favorite part, “Gain friends who will eventually stab you in the back!”

Not as amusing as I remember, but I thought I would go put it all up just for any of you who’re bored.


The time I found the post about Unixmad referring to cocaine as “that snowy white goodness” I have a screeshot of that on my computer somewhere lol. He tried todeny it in his blog but yeah that was a good one lol.

xD I remember that!

I liked the old Graal2001 site better.

They had the craptacular bomy I drew in the banner of it, O_o lol

Well… I liked the simplicity and functionality more :stuck_out_tongue:
The 2k2 one has shit everywhere and it’s busy as hell–drawings behind the text, grass as a background. The new site is just shits and giggles.

Could be wrong about the years, I meant this one –

website was actually good, who wouldn’t like the purple and pink mix on the front site now >_<
Hahah, but yeah. The some of the older layouts were less fugly. :[

And were actually useful. I’m still not sure how to get around the current site other than ‘stumble around and pray’.

Just like :smiley:
Nah I kid, there’s not enough on the website that’s functional to get lost in, LOL

LOL is usable… once you’ve logged in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa, that one’s ugly as hell. What’s with the beige background? everything is green except the background.

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As far as I know, I’ve removed all links to dysfunctional stuff. Someone start a thread about what layout it should use (preferably some of the old GraalOnline layouts) and what things should be added, removed or changed for the better. The site is supposed to have a function, but right now, I’ve just lost what should be added. The tutorial and FAQ sections should be more hilighted so people notice it better. I will remove the ticker and the sublinks because they’re mostly broken and not needed.

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Oh, right, the menu dissapears now if you’re not logged in… It’s not supposed to do that. :stuck_out_tongue: << FIXED

Images missing from being a cache website :stuck_out_tongue:

Even so, why did the designer have a beige background behind the backround image? Makes no sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I fixed some stuff that was fucked up on the website.

No, you didn’t! The website is more fucked up that it was before!

Remove the webcache. The css-file needs to be reloaded. lol

I rewrote the layout from scratch today but used the same files. So all old stuff is cached on a lot of peoples computers. They just need to reload it, either by clearing the temporary internet files folder or visit and reload a couple of times. :stuck_out_tongue: