Announcing, OpenGraal

After many troubles, I finally set up my server.
It is not hosted by an online service, so be patient.
(I host it on my computer, expect some offline time).

OpenGraal is nothing more than a basic server
that is ran by me, RaMedia (Conner H.)

Edit :
OpenGraal is now hosted fine, up and running.
I have been through some difficulties over the
past few days due to rain/weather.

Staff Members:
RaMedia - Owner
Spooon - Developer

We recently suffered from a staff wipe
Sorry, Conner Harkness

New Features

New look and Idea,
There is no giant level map
and each level is chained to-
gether one by one. Followed
by a nice building design

Order Up!
There is a new resturant
in town, much familliar to
a popular children's show,
Sponge Bob. Instead of
the Krusty Krab, its the
Krusty KARB. Now people
can work there and deliver
tasty food.

Underground Information Only,
We are setting up an under-
ground sewer system that
can bring you to a new

Now Online!
We have a new weblevel
terminal, (Not the saved cac-
he), but join online levels with
in a URL. Possibly supporting
the forum attachment feature.

(This is a real hosted level…)