another bug? (with RC this time)

I just noticed that whenever I use RC to transfer a file to the gserver, for some reason it appends a “” character to the end of the file. I’ve verified this for .txt, .png, and .nw files. Any ideas what this is about?

I’ve been experiencing some file corruption issues and I’m wondering if it’s related to this.

probably is, I dont get any of that crap

You’re probably using the old RC that adds a newline to the end of the file, which is
or \r\

Use RC 2 instead.

Yeah I found it. You were right Cadavre, I was using the rc client that came in the root of the graal folder. I like the UI for it better than the one in RC2. But, if it keeps my files from getting screwed up I guess I’ll start using RC2 then.

Was this with the latest version of the gserver? I should have fixed all the RC bugs. =/

I believe so. But wouldn’t it be a problem with the version of RC that I was using (and consequently be a problem with the client)?

In case I’m being stupid. I’m not sure what the current version of gserver is. I’m on 2.2.0. Good time to update?

Yeah. 2.4.0 is the latest version. Lots of things have been fixed since 2.2.0.

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Also, I have added workarounds to some RC bugs in the gserver, so the old RC should work with 2.4.0.

oh. maybe it’s time I updated then.