Antago is still an idiot baby.

I received this fun little nugget in my personal inbox today recently…
I have no idea what little retard autist fag boy’s problem is but it’s quite amusing until it gets to the point of false police reports and harassment.

He does not have my address as I don’t even have my address as I am technically homeless at the moment.
I however have forwarded this email to Snohomish County Police and the F.B.I. and consider this to be a death threat and terroristic threat against me. - Not sure if it will go anywhere as this whole County is corrupt as hell, but whatever.

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[TD=“colspan: 2”] Hello Elroy,

You’ve awaken the dragon now information about you will begin to spread online and offline. You have no idea my capabilities and you kept poking so now I must focus much energy on you.

Be prepared its going to be nasty also I

P.S. Any personal info on “Antago” would be appreciated such as real life name, address, location, ect… He was until now just an idiot I felt sorry for, but I have to protect myself legally and physically now.

You are really a sad homosexual, Antago. I understand you have no friends and are begging for attention, but understand nobody likes you for obvious reasons. Idiocy like this won’t help you make friends. P.S. your links are broken. and no law enforcement is NOT looking for me for any reason. They are probably looking for you however since YOU have proven to be mentally ill. I however post real links and documents proving what I say.

You have no idea the situation and I have literally terabytes of data related to things I have said, I will explain and post them in more detail soon too which you and your homosexual pedophile buddies at antifa and cair will not like.

Well I don’t think it’s illegal to hand out links that lead to his information indirectly.;area=showposts;sa=topics;u=6117
If you follow that link you will see a post where he links to his deviant art account. He claims the bomies he made on that link are his, so there’s a good chance the Antago on that site is this Antago. So, if you go to his dA, there’s a bunch of info that he himself put up there, which isn’t really illegal to access.
So uh yeah, in case this comes back to bite me as doxxing, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I suppose you can have fun and LARP with me and other people on this forums for awhile, but at least try to make it interesting and have an imagination and intelligence. Otherwise go harass Galen or some other random innocent person again until they block you.

in case he goes full panic mode:

I just talked to the Sheriff 4 hours ago. He laughed at your email. There are no outstanding warrants on me.

If you can’t handle it being done to yourself, maybe you shouldn’t do it to others. Stop harassing Nekoroy.

and not that I care what you think. but may I ask what is the motivation behind harassing me?

Do you just like being an annoying retard?

Look at this guy panic. Maybe you should be careful about putting your real name online, and then harassing redpilled people, slinging around the word terrorist. Fucking retard.

You and your buddy Ben, Stephane, Carlito and most other members of GraalOnline staff are terrorists and I have posted links ad nauseum about that on these forums.

There is ZERO evidence showing any of my involvement to that and there has not been any produced to this day despite innumerable FOIA’s by myself and others, and even if I was guilty of that, that was 14 years ago. In any case what is it to you?

Why do you suddenly act like you love Ben and Stephane and the likes, have they not done nothing but shit all over you for nearly 2 decades?

oops i banned him

aw shoot friend.
Guess I’ll just clean up those posts then.

I would actually love to see Antago get that trademark and sue Stephane, alas the application is not in good order and will probably be rejected on review.

It’s too bad that Antago is such a nutcase and would probably worse than Stephane about it though.

Well if you’re signed in you can see his address on it. I’m not sure what my rights are when it comes to these things, being a Canadian, but I’m pretty sure it’s not doxxing if you can access it by logging in.

I am not sure whether to feel sorry for the chap or laugh hysterically at him.

I’d prefer he not be banned though, he’s entertaining some times. also I want to know what motivates him to bug people, especially people like me, Galen, Fuitad and many other random people from who had nothing to do with him, did not do anything to him and could care less if he even exists or not.

he trademarked a shitty image. not the words

if you google his name he actually has been causing a lot of problems on the internet about this shit. I really hope he just uh stops.

lmao this guy is a fucking psycho. the more I learn about antago the more insane I see he is

What if Antago actually is God like he says and he really did invent all religion?

What if we are the ones who are blasphemers here?

I always did suspect God was an insane autist.