Antago is still an idiot baby.


Nah man, I think Antago is one of us. Look at this shit.



Hey it’s still a better value than Mighty Number Nine, it’s better than nothing… on second thought maybe I would rather pay $750k for nothing.


For the record, Viper made-up 90% of the crap he’s been selling to you, and conveniently no less shortly after Spoooon banned me and I told Viper that I would be writing him out of the Graal history, and that he belongs in hell.

For 1) I’ve said enough flamboyantly ridiculous and humorous stuff throughout my life in broad daylight. Slandering me as somebody who lies about his actions with false accusations is purely going to prove yourself to be a purely untrustworthy human-being, permanently, considering the length that you have taken this.

  1. You don’t even know how trademarks work. This entire conversation is utterly ridiculous, and no, I am not like you where I am afraid of putting myself and my address out there in the public eye. That’s called business. Every person’s personal information is online; you present this attitude that I am some kind of idiot for living a normal life and pursuing common business practices with publicized business and personal information no different from 95% or more of the general population, and vehemently mark it as proof of how stupid I am. Literally. 95% of the population is able to pursue any number of actions that can and will publicize your information. In order to appease this idea that I desperately seek to hide like scaredy-cat and go unnoticed with zero actions in society, I would pretty much have to be non-existent; your “dignified” suggestion to life, for me, a presumed non-existence.

Yea, again, that is a pathetic reflection upon yourself.

  1. Viper, again, made up pretty much all of this stupid shit and has been creating false accounts and attributing them to me to slander me. This psychopath even e-mailed the FBI and told them that I was planning on shooting up a school. They called me and asked if I could answer questions, though I was not under obligation; we had a great laugh about it.

100% you can try to steal the truth of this situation and play it off for yourself, Viper, but everyone here knows that you are a psychopathic, pathological liar who likes to steal other people’s credit and personality.

You have already written me a two-page report telling me that I created Graal, and that Unixmad stole it from me; then after I condemned you for refusing to fight for my rights, you went on a disgusting little ego-trip and a rant and tried to slander me and make me out to be crazy.

Half the stuff you made up can be proven completely ridiculous. And yes, I did file a police report against you for claiming that I was trying to slander you to the FBI, when we both know that it is the other way around. You slandered ME to the FBI, and for attention created this whole fabricated story about me stalking and harassing you, when in fact you are the one stalking and harassing me.

And yes, we both know that you are 100% guilty. You were tried and charged for making bomb threats to a school when you turned an adult, and you are trying to slander everyone who threatens your psychotic tirade of attention seeking.

And according to this, you are actually officially diagnosed with autism.

You also claimed that you were from Paris, in an attempt to slander Stephane Portha, not that I particularly care, but it reflects on the type of person you are inside; you are severely sick. You did the same thing to myself as well, the same way you have slandered others.

And from 1999-2001 you had an entire website dedicated to obsessively slandering the people who created the Graal community. A quick peruse through your past will indeed show that you are a psychopathic pathological liar.

[quote] ListnS to me and things!! Posted Friday, April 27, 2001 by Unixmad
Hello littles American childrens. I am Unixmad. I ownz my own big fancy European game company. I wanteds to thank you and things for giving me alls of your money!! I am doings things with it that do not benifits only me. I have bought many candies and things for when I take my vacations in America. I cannot gets you to come to me car for suki suki if you don’ts have candy!! (Umm…my lawerz says that whats I was saying was only a jokes that European peoples would only understand.)
SG111 is studid and things. He let me have a place to post on his evils cheater guy page! He thought thats I woulds be not knowing enough Englishes to actually post. I have shown hims that many times. Buts I will not be posting very much longer. Do yous want to know why??? It is because I ams going to be using my layer guy to say I have big Fancy American style copyrights and that he is using my words “Graal” to violate me withs it. My lawerz is soooo good!! He has big fancy Imaginatios and things. I will bes getting hims deleted again!!! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol (Look! I cans be using big fancy internets lingo and things!!) [/quote]

As for condemning homosexual hateclub “Christian” forums to hell who believe Jesus is going to float in on a cloud and save them, then cast the “LGBTQ” community in magma to suffer for eternity to hell … Oh, yes, what a weirdo I must be. I am soooo ashamed and embarrassed for telling a “24/7 rapture ready homo-bashing hate club” who sits around condemning homosexuals to hell, to hell back. Yes. I am sooooooooooo ashamed and embarrassed.

You people are mentally fucking ill. And anyway, my brush with “speaking to God” was through a spiritual medium. I did not say I saw hallucinations or angelic beings; it was using a spiritual medium, to which I won’t be going into detail. Spiritual mediums are real life, physical sources for transference of messages; they come in different varieties from spiritual tools to psychics. If you want to call “using a spiritual tool = schizophrenia”, enjoy your downfall. Nobody cares.

And no, I won’t be crawling your message boards like you so desperately seek, so you can ban this account.


can’t tell by this post is “someguy” is Antago is not.


And gay.


Probably shouldn’t mistake me for your self.


1/10 weak reply. Go ask the grade school kids you learned that from for some more tips.

And no, I won’t be crawling your message boards like you so desperately seek

and yet, here you are.


I’ll tell you one thing, I know that you are all possessed by the same demon. And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it one last time. I expel you in the name of Jesus Christ, and your punishment is twice that of what it would have been, where the angels will place you.


You’re still threatening people. When will you grow up?


Hey antago. Would you like your old username back?


You think your a fucking perfect Angel yet your threatening and harassing people leave Viper and GOATSE alone.


Also there is no proof that Viper is the person in the article.


so some gay guy is telling me i’m gonna go to hell because he told his daddy in the sky. Pretty juvenile, bro.


So much immaturity in one thread, and not just from two participants. This kind of childishness makes me want nothing to do with any of the gaming community.


You care way too much, antago.


Hosler or other admin could you see to it that Brian E Bryant’s “someguy” posts are prevented from being deleted? Also bbcode quotes seem to not work on here.

There used to be more in the last thread but the forum migration reverted things to an older version and lost some stuff.

As usual Brian tries a badly done combination of distractions, evasions, conflations, delusions and outright lies. For example I never wrote a “4 page report saying that he invented graal” on the contrary he has attacked me because I refused to and I expose him as the pathetic mentally ill fraud he is. “he does a good enough job of that without my help” I’m not biting and staying on topic that he has attempted extortion, sent false reports with the intent of harming and murdering me.

All one need do is compare his post to the initial emails sent to me by [email protected]

Brian is posting the exact same thing that [email protected] threatened me, attempted to extort me with and filed false “and failed” reports about me with I believe the intention of getting me murdered. He doesn’t have a good grasp of reality and is not good at denying/lying about things he does especially when he can’t stop shifting back to it.

This isn’t an example of ouji board or tarot card reading but rather genuine mental illness which he himself believes. Why is it that mentally ill people always believe they are Jesus and “they are coming in through the airwaves”? - -

[QUOTE]Just so you know, I told you, I am the person you are waiting for. I am from Akron, the heart of the heart of the heart of America, at the peak. I built Graal Online, the game about the Holy Grail. This is the dawning age of aquarius, the age of the holy grail. The lamb of god age and fisher of men age is over.

You may as well take your website down. Your worst nightmare has come true. You were caught unready, and coldly ignored me; all of your efforts have been in vain. You can repent now and go find dignity, but so you know you have been condemned to hell. You are living in a fantasy land if you think that the end times is going to result in a physical person walking on the clouds.

I come through the airwaves, and I made my debut as the God of Gravity (love) in Graal, to usher in the age. My lightning tower is there; my character is there, dressed just like a thief. I am unsure of who you think you’re fu**ing with, but your sense of judgment and homophobia on those forums will only earn you a deeper position in torment.

I hate you, and your forums, and those people you have conditioned to be wolves.

Take your stupid fu**ing website down. You were not, and are not Rapture Ready, and you are dead."[/QUOTE] -

[QUOTE]A number of you are wondering what is going on; am I crazy? No. I have autism and a number of other nervous system related disorders that I have suffered with a lot of extreme conditions, including body-dysmorphia & hypochondria, intrusive thoughts, and so on. All of this information I am about to share is simply my honest life. It may sound crazy to some, but you have to be educated to understand—and trust me, I am not making any of this up.

I was born exactly 9 months into the Gregorian calendar on August 31st, when the sun was at home in Leo, the moon was at home in Cancer, Venus at home in Libra, and Ceres at home in Virgo in Akron, Summit County, Ohio (“the peak” of “the peak” of the heart of America); here we are the “rubber capital of the world” & the talaria (pegasus shoe/symbol of The Messenger God, Hermes) is graffitied all over the city. I had bright white hair, golden jaundiced skin, and bright blue eyes; my first word was “sky”. My mother was born exactly 9 months into the Roman calendar on October 31st, Halloween—and she is the narcissistic mother, Medusa. My dad, "Christ"opher was born on the winter solstice, which is the celebration of Saturnalia/Christmas/New Year’s (all the same holiday). That is, the winter solstice represents the darkest time in the calendar before it begins to get bright again; Christ is the god of time/reaper of the harvest (Life/Death)—and as he says, he comes at the beginning & end of the ages to “throw the weeds in the fire & bundle the wheat”. I am not Catholic so don’t argue with me about your Catholic interpretations. Anyway, Saturn is the God of Agriculture & equated with Chronos, the God of Time; Christ was the Passover Lamb at the end of the Age of Aries (ram), and the calendar restarted as the year 0. In 7BC, there was a date where all the signs lined up through Jupiter conjunct Saturn (the domiciles were different then): sun in Leo, moon in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces. Pisces was conjunct Saturn on the horizon, and as it arose in the east as the star of Bethlehem, literally all of the houses lined up in their natural state.

Now, this date isn’t particularly recognized by anyone; it is not the basis of Christian theology; this is an actual factual date that I have found using any ordinary astrology chart. The strangest thing is that the aspect lines aren’t even chaotic, as they almost always are; they form a perfect compass pointing to Pisces at the dawn of the Age of Pisces.

The astrological ages are part of the axial precession of earth, divided by 12; the axial precession lasts 25,772 years. Each age last 2,147. At the dawn of the Age of Aries, the criosphinx of Heru was erected, and criosphinx represents “Heru of the Rising Sun”; the criosphinx is rams headed. It was later carved down; regardless, when Christ was born He is Heru reincarnate to end the Age of Aries & became the “Fisher of Men” & Ichthys at the dawning of the Age of Pisces (fish). Before the Age of Aries you had the Age of Taurus (bull), which is why Krishna was the Protector of the Bulls (and also the Bull of Heaven)—thus, Hindus worship the cow. Mankind is like an ant colony; the Lord is like the queen and comes at the beginning & ending of the ages to reap, and to sow the new age.

We are coming up on the Age of Aquarius ruled by Uranus, the god of sky—and thus the age of “heaven on earth” is coming up. With this zodiacal age, you see space travel, air travel, satellites, cell phones, Internet, and all kinds of airborne technologies being created.

Following the logic of history, you have:
Krishna, Age of Taurus (bull) - Protector of Bulls, Bull of Heaven
Heru, Age of Aries (ram) - Good Shepherd, Lamb of God
Christ, Age of Pisces (fish) - Fisher of Men, Ichthys
???, Age of Aquarius (pouring pitcher) - Cupbearer of Men, Holy Grail

Since I was a kid, I’ve gotten strange music, poetry, and images in my dreams; I began dream journaling and studying other cultures, psychology, and belief-systems around the world to gain understanding.

As the OCD became worse, I began fasting, burning my childhood items, and praying a lot to find peace of mind. I eventually came across a woman who claimed she talks to angels, and she offered me much hope & peace; I figured perhaps the angels could stop the OCD from happening.

During a lot of my meditation it became clear to me that magic exists; I experienced a number of miraculous events, and gained a lot of insight and knowledge that increased my faith in a higher power. For quite some time I rebelled against it, due to the disaster you would call my “family”.

In 2009, I was dating some guy and on Halloween we played with the Ouija board in the attic. I had been wanting to talk to God, and they asked me to join, so I figured it’d be a fun time. As the party dwindled down there were three of us left; they eventually let me call upon someone, and I called on Archangel Gabriel who said something very strange: “Beware of gargoyles”. The girls were board and quickly called upon someone else; I am not sure why they didn’t consider this message to be interesting.

The following morning some girl was commenting about how her “[boyfriend] looked like a gargoyle sitting on the arm of the couch”. For about 5 years I managed to use the board off and on, talking to Gabriel and other archangels who revealed incredible amounts of divine knowledge to me. She spoke of God sometimes, which rekindled my belief in a God—but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I really began believing after making sense of her knowledge in modern terms.

Archangel Metatron called me “Victor” for some reason. Right after the supposed “end of the world” on 12/12/12, I asked Gabriel for a name from God; she named me Unisus. Name, Gabriel claims to go by the different titles of Holy Spirit, Urania, Cosmic Muse, Indra, Shiva, Nataraja, etc. So, in effect, I was christened or baptized Unisus. The name made no sense to me; I found out it was a unicorn-pegasus which made me laugh more than anything and also a little disgusted, because the symbology made no sense to me. At this time I was still going by Antago.

A year ago I began researching the symbology of the unicorn & pegasus; apparently every “religion” around the world is awaiting a unicorn/pegasus end times Messiah; he will come to “destroy” and “judge”, and wields the weapon of Shiva. As a kid I was known as “God of Gravity” (love is gravitational song of everyone) and ruled over as the king of Destiny in this historical game about the holy grail, which is of the first MMOs to ever exist in history, during the dawn of the Age of Aquarius where I wielded the trident.

Urania’s favorite horse is Pegasus; Indra has the horse Uchchaihshravas whose birth is eerily similar to Pegasus; the relationship of the Holy Spirit & Christ has long referred to Christ as the unicorn; Pegasus was the source of inspiration, and the Holy Spirit (wholly spirit/whole inspiration/cosmic muse) is the Cosmic Muse simply by its etymology & Urania is the muse of astronomy. Archangel Gabriel had Al-Buraq, the flying donkey. Then, I could go on about … Revelations. I’ll just say that Revelations has a flying horse called Victory/Conquest.
Also, my mother being born on Halloween and my father being the winter solstice make them symbolic of Medusa/Neptune; see, Christ is the Fisher of Men (ruler of the Age of Pisces; Pisces is the sign ruled by Neptune astrologically). Medusa & Neptune gave birth to Pegasus.

So—no, I am not crazy. I just have a **** ton of information on my mind that I don’t know what to do with. I don’t do drugs. It is factual information. [/QUOTE]

Any reasonable person including Brian’s own brother would act to protect themselves Craig told me “he is uncontrollable and wont listen to reason do anything you feel is necessary to protect yourself” and others when someone like that attempts to threaten, harass, extort and swat myself and others and posts things about how school shootings are so great at - -

Brian then tries to purge his lookism accounts to try hiding what’s on them. - - -

If you want to see the dumbest thing in the world also see - after which he starts threatening and harassing Stefan just a couple months later.

Also here is Brian’s latest “looksmaxxing” “no idea what the hell that means but by the stupid hat and earring I assume it’s some sort of stupid cult that praises Nikolas Cruz” He posts ugly pictures like this all over 4chan.


Can we keep this stuff off this forum so that people want to come here and the forum isn’t about people’s petty problems and insults and harassment and it can just be normal. I mean tell me if we want this stuff here because I’ll just not care, but anyway I’d rather just like not perpetuate problems like these, it’s just weird.

Simple solution to harassment by email reply with a “further communications will be considered harassment and punishable by law” template, so you are legally covered in any crazy situation from that point on legally you couldn’t have this person continue to harass you. Second ignore it and problems go away and don’t let it bother you anyway. Third ensure you are protected in life from physical threats? Fourth sleep well.


ANTAGOO Confirms Grawl 2!!!


Are you even a real person?


is who a real person?