Antago is still an idiot baby.


Ignore the topics you don’t like… there’s good content and bad content, just like any other forum.

I think antago is entertaining but being harassed by him is another thing. Good luck Viper.




don’t you fucking remember anyone from Graalians forums.


Oh right. I forgot about that forum.


No im a Russian bot.


Viper, this entire website and your communities are nothing but sleeper cells. I wouldn’t be surprised if a handful of the accounts here are all you. But it isn’t confirmed, and unlike you I will relent from embracing myself.

You are free to please keep everything I am saying here on record. Absolutely; and while you hold the opinion and persona of a bigot who thinks that I am ashamed of speaking online or saying things that are abnormal, and that I am afraid that you are keeping records of things that I ACTUALLY say, and that “you are a big time court record keeper, the judge, the jury, and the creator of everything” - assuming that people are afraid of you because you are a terrorist, and you adamantly insist that “EVERYTHING BE RECORDED AND NOTHING BE LOST” in public … That doesn’t give you clout, that doesn’t give you credit, that doesn’t make you a part of Graal, that doesn’t make you an honest person, that doesn’t give you power, and that will never change the fact that you are a pathological, psychopathic liar.

You are neither vindicated nor verified as a spokesperson because you “adamantly wish to ensure that absolutely nothing whatsoever is deleted”. I won’t be surprised if you edit other people’s posts.

To continue; yes, you made up every single one of those e-mails. Yes, there is a police report against you, and yes the FBI has talked to me about the lies you emailed them.

You cannot undo what you have done.
That isn’t even a photo of me.

This whole thing is fuckin’ stupid.

AAANYWAYS. As for me receiving messages through a Ouija Board, honestly, none of that is schizophrenic or anything to be embarrassed about.

As mentioned you can continue to desperately disconnect from the outside world and live vicariously through harassing and terrorizing Graal admins, players, and creators.

We all know that you lie because of envy, no different than Perez Hilton or other people who make a name for themselves by lying and harassing celebrities.

You are on record as tried & charged by the United States government for terrorist actions and I’ve shown the link above on an actual government site. You have Asperger’s syndrome which is pretty hysterical considering you allowed people to harass me because I said that I think I have autism.

You’re a hypocrite.


Oh, and no matter how much cruelty you all dish out because you know that Graal was created by myself and belongs to me, it won’t cloak your envy.

Again, that isn’t even a picture of me; there’s like at least fifty other statements wrong with your last comments and I won’t even waste my fucking energy. You’re a piece of shit, and you belong in prison. Autism isn’t an excuse; I wouldn’t use autism as an excuse for myself, yet you apparently do. Though I’m sure you’re also narcissistic considering you seek attention simply for the sake of having attention, and take no conscience to fabricating lies about people.

I have about 50 messages all over the Internet about my Ouija Board experience. You think that because I’m living in capitalism and a nation of people who hate, shame, incriminate, accuse, abuse, and slander people who claim to be prophets that I am going to be embarrassed?

Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. You’re seriously barking up the wrong tree if you think that you terrorist lies, and attention seeking, false information and harassment toward my Ouija Board experiences and how I choose to explore my future with the messages I’ve received is going to stop me from doing what I believe I was sent to do.

Those messages belong to me.

Again, everything you’re doing up here is the same thing you’ve been caught doing time, and time, and time again - and for decades.

As for my belief in spirituality; you are literally living in a shithole of delusion if you honestly believe that the rest of the world cares.

There are about 50,000 YouTube channels of people who themselves all believe in “awakening the inner divinity & the Christ within themselves”.

By all means, please come to my hometown and inform all these rednecks that I am a spiritual person trying to find his own peace of fucking mind in a cultural war. I’d be more than happy to pack up and move if they seek to destroy me.

I honestly don’t care. Plenty of homosexuals and prophets have been harassed & slandered by jealous people like you, forced to move, and even committed suicide.

I’m not a big fake piece of shit who harasses people online because I’m jealous they created a community I’d like to take over. By all means, come find me in person and try to assault me if you really want to since you obviously can’t stop your tirade of terrorism and threatening me.

Come fucking do the deed.

Come do it.

I’m not that happy; I have no family, I have very few friends. Piece of shit like you already fucking conspired to ruin my life by using hive mentality to do whatever the fuck you feel like, and you continue to lie for your own ego.

Just fucking come kill me, if you honestly want to start this fuckin’ war. Just do it.

For the love of fucking Christ, come fucking do it. You, Unixmad, and dozens of other poeple have harassed me for about 20 years, and when I befriend you you instead decide to slander, assault, and harass me.

Just fucking come start your fucking war, since you obviously won’t quit lying about it. I’ve already pressed charges against you, and I will take it further, and if you honestly wish to continue harassing me and threatening me, and trying to embarrass me, then come fucking do it and quit talking about it.

I’ve been robbed left and right, and raped by the “gay community”. I’m not happy, I don’t care. Since you want to keep threatening and slandering me, then come, pick up your biggest weapon and do whatever you wish.

By all means, fucking bring it.

And as for what I said, I said it because the spirit who calls itself the Holy Spirit told me to pursue knowledge, and speak out as Joan of Arc would. And instead of anything good coming of it, despite the fact that I Was orphaned, destroyed, robbed, used for child labor, you and this entire community and others have done nothing but narcissistically slander and harass me.

I will admit to the things I’ve said because I’m a 30 year old man and I said them with the full integrity to own up to them. But if you’re going to sit round here and threaten me, then you better fucking follow through with your threats and bring it because you’ve been harassing me for 20 fucking years and your ugly faggot ass won’t shut the hell up.

You’re a fucking worthless pathetic excuse for a human being. You belong in prison.

Fucking come kill me, since you have threatened me many times and urged other people to harass me and even urged them to cyber stalk, threaten, and even murder me. I’ve received many death threats throughout the past 20 years from this gay community.

Fucking do it, or shut the hell up.

Jesus Christ. You’ve already been arrested for making bomb threats to schools claiming to be Unixmad from Paris. If you’re going to keep doing these terrorist attacks, then fucking bring it buddy because I literally don’t even fucking care about life anymore.

Not really — not THAT much, to be a coward.


I love how you said “Bye.” about a third of the way through that message, and then just kept on going…


TLDR but anonymouse is a great nickname.


Shut up.


I wish this guy would actually stay gone when he says he’s leaving.


I need not say much more about this. His posts show how unhinged and mentally unwell this Brian E. Bryant guy is.

He is a sad little person desperate for attention and always has been. He has been banned from literally all of both so-called pro and anti-graal communities and everywhere else.

I wanted nothing to do with this guy and never have. I have never “threatened” him other than responding to his false claims and harassment against me appropriately.

I have never tried to have him “murdered” nor has anyone else unless you count the time Spider had that moron download and run netbus after antago had been a nuisance to Spider back in 1999.

On the contrary the false messages he sent about me were with the intention of having me murdered or harmed. “a crime commonly known as SWATTing” but it did not work and I had proven it false.

And the emails Brian E. Bryant sent to me using the email [email protected] along with him sending false messages saying I had weapons and was a threat to people are well documented with the F.B.I and not made up in fact I talked to them because of that.

I find it funny how this paranoid delusional little person also seems to think that most of the accounts here are me. I have 3 accounts on here and only this one I am actively using. I don’t even check this place that often anymore since it’s inactive and Graal as a whole is a dead game almost nobody cares about anymore.

It’s kinda a irrelevant side note but that picture is him, just do a side by side with his “butterfly picture” he posted on his deviantart before “coincidentally” deleting it at the same time “MrGraalian” got called out on this forum. He litters the internet with a poop trail 10 miles wide and there is no end to the comedic source material. But I have refrained from posting all of it to be a bigger man. I have even removed the old page I had chronicling it.


If he leaves me alone I will leave him alone. He started this and he probably won’t stop so long as he thinks he will get more attention out of it.


All I got from the big post is “Jesus Christ”


don’t failed artists usually just do porn instead? He looks like he’d work out fine.


Despite what anonymouse said, I am not sleeping with, and have never slept with, Cell. He’s far too manly for me, with his perfect green body.