Any client alternative efforts?

A few weeks ago I bought a new laptop and it’s motivated me to code every night in bed, so I basically wrote a GS1 compiler and VM. It’s pretty much operational at this point.

I was wondering if anybody was working on an open-source Graal client that could leverage this, combine some efforts here and revive Reborn, with multiplatform support on iOS and Android now that we can run GS1 with our own codebase.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here :slight_smile:

Hey, glad to see you!
That’s interesting I’d like to see that.
We need a github.

Maybe use that with the NPC server project so that could finally become functional? Although that would be tricky since you need to use the GS2 bytecode.

Eh, I think we should move away from using the existing client and implement our own 2.17 feature-complete client and have complete control of our own ecosystem. With this last piece we have everything we need for that except a client.

I remember cadavre has been working on that…
Opengraal or something like it.

Had been.

We could work on one with C++, but I have no knowledge whatsoever on .nw files and how to make support for legacy files. On the other hand we can make our game using Tiled and .tmx files.

Downsider, I remember you had your own engine that also supported mobile devices, what happened with it?

All of Graal’s file formats are super simple ASCII formats, even simpler than whatever Tiled uses, albeit less structured.

And yeah, I was working on a custom engine that was very promising but stopped working on it years ago and no longer have the source.

I could help you develop one, but I wouldn’t be able to on my own, you have already experience on engine development.