Any scripters?

Who are relatively good at GS1, and want to take a shot with me on recoding g2k1 with the npc-server.

let me know i guess. (and if you know C#, would definitely be well)

why hasnt anyone gotten/leaked a backup from stefan that has the nc backup with weapon scripts and everything YET

because that is useless to us anyway.

I’m really good at GS1 and I’d help… I think my only superior is Beholder.

Just stick with Beholder or Nalin. Everyone else is a waste of time.

Nah, Downsider would work out fine

Nalin doesn’t know GS1 that well, if I recall correctly.

2 Suggestions:


No one like me or below me is qualified for a job like this and if they think they are, they are just dumb bitches.

im me sometime, i should’ve probably just asked you rather than posting a thread anyway.