Any servers looking for LATs?

I’m looking to help out any server that needs someone to help with levels.


Wanna make Mega Man levels…?

Possibly I don’t know if I’d be any good with that

2k1 is looking for help

We need some lats for a party-themed server lol. Mixed with Events/Quests/Sparring. It’s basically a classic server that’s aiming to go a little further and always have something to do. It’s at the beginning stages of it’s development but Latting is one of the #1 things I need right now. I could give ya’ some details if you’re interested.

You’d be best off to go with Mega Graal, Vinland, or Harmonia. I haven’t been watching 2k1 enough to see what kind of progress they’re making, but it sounds decent. Lampshade’s doing pretty good for mixing a bunch of content on Harmonia, and I’m making gradual, unnoticed progress on Vinland. Mega Graal shouldn’t be too hard, and everybody wants to play it already, so you should probably help with it if you aren’t set on classic style levels.

Wow. Surprised nobody asked him for example levels. I mean…everyone can “LAT.”

I wasn’t really taking him serious anyway, I don’t feel like maintaining staff on Vinland. He would have provided an example on his own if he were serious. I’m pretty sure lampshade’s got Harmonia set to where you just type in the staff tag you want and you’re on the list. Somebody go test that real quick.

i just need labrats hanging around to perform evil severside scripts on them

Unholy Nation, and Neato :slight_smile: