Any suggestions for a good free open-source forum?

I’m looking for a good, free open-source forum that i can use. I would prefer it to be something that people still pay attention to and still make add-on’s for occasionally but it doesn’t have to be if it has plenty of Add-on’s already. Also, I would prefer it to be not super buggy. Anyone have any suggestions?


or simple machines forums a.k.a smf

I’ve heard of the one’s you’ve suggested Spyder but the one that Cadavre suggested to me is new to me and i’ll probably checking out that one since one of my online buddies also suggested that very one. Thanks for the help! =P

SMF is awesome. But there’s a problem with spambots attacking that forum so you need to update the captcha if you don’t want tons of spam on your forums. ;D There’s tons of mods, themes and plugins for it. We used to use it on here before Joey bought the VBulletin license. It’s really good for a opensource forum.

Invisionfree, they’ve also lately updated it to add more protection against spam bots.

Mybb -

If you like the software that Reborn is using now (vbulletin), you’ll most likely like Mybb as well.

I’ll check out Mybb for the forum i’m making for my server on here, and for my other project i’ll probably be using SMF. Thanks for the help, =p

glad I could be of help