Anybody still play this graal?


Question like in thread. Global is too expensive for me ; / I can’t do anything with this : / So, is there aby private server where ppl play?

theres about 8 players online usually when i play.

Bomber, Lumina, random playerworlds

There are several small groups that play almost daily in different time zones. Then there’s a decent sized group that camps on the server list until they see a server start to pick up a crowd. Top four servers would be Bomber, GTA, Dreamscape, then Lumina. Orphen rarely hosts Dreamscape, but it has great quests.

Dreamscape. Is. GONE. >:’(

Don’t listen to Yenairo, he raped Blob!

Okay okay. I want Dreamscape back! Where the hell is Orphen!? >:|

In the land of Angles–must be some sort of geometric hell.

PWA is remaking good n-pulse on their server :slight_smile:

Why don’t they just create their own server is what I’m thinking lol.

Your right! Thats what we need… a bunch more servers… all incomplete and waste of space.

Nah man, what we need is a bunch of jaded, cynical asshats who criticize everything that anyone creates, but are too lazy/untalented to actually contribute anything themselves.

:emo: -> :cry:

Era on the graal official server is amazing, but world is little to small.

Does anyone dont play on global but have account? I will be thankfull

Long time ago, im not sure how long ago… Account was for 5$? Im right?

oh boy.

  1. That statement is invalid.

  2. Please don’t come here asking for P2P/Classic accounts. God damn.

  3. You can pay 5 bucks on texts or through your landline phone to get 300 or so Gralats to get One Month of a subscription.

Yeah, I kind-of thought this was coming.

This is just attempt to get a free graal online p2p account.