Anyone want to start a Discord channel?


A discord channel when playing pwa would be great! I could shout at everyone!

Well, here you go I guess. Invite link.

No account required.

I don’t know why this forum won’t let me post the link.

These forums have a parsing problem in the submit function

That darn submit function is always causing trouble

The link seems to have expired. Could I please have an invite?

No. The discord is super exclusive.

It is easy to create your discord channel yourself as your team or as your own individual channel.

I would like a link as well

Hopefully staff can help you with that. I’m not on the discord… I also just realized I’m just saying the same thing to you that I did in the other post :joy::sweat_smile:

Not sure how top secret the discord server is when I’m even in it.

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Body seems unclear, is this a complete sentence?
f you discusss

pm me if you want into the top secret discord. be warned I will put you through the ring of fire into order to be granted entry.

can I have invite plz

BIGDOG AKA hosler #64 AKA Unixmad

what is happening

Hey, send me the Discord invite somebody? I don’t have access to my original acct anymore “Twiggy” so I’m on this backup I created years ago.

most of the links above are expired but feel free to join my server