april fools!!

___Merged doublepost__________________

___Merged doublepost__________________



STFU I don’t celebrate April retards

Lol Jk

I didn’t lock this thread hoping someone would contribute something nice.
I made a bad decision.

Hmmm, why do threads need to be locked just because nobody has contributed anything yet?

Or are you referring to ben’s post?

sometimes you post something funny and immediately lock it because you don’t want it tainted, like a forum announcement or a holiday announcement

this could’ve been one of those cases

but I didn’t

so discussing it we shouldn’t

still, why can’t people just post horrible datamosh gifs and stuff

haha, because this isn’t /b/ :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, anybody here from new england? Until I woke up this morning and saw it, I was half-certain that this freak snow storm that everyone was talking about was some kind of april fools joke (still on topic or am I derailing?)

no but it is misc

and not really the only threads you can derail in misc are themed threads that count
this isn’t sticky it’s not important
discuss what you want

(I haven’t a shits clue about New England though!)

Traddles is pissing me off.

I made a April fools vid w/ mah friend and it was pretty funny

i tried and failed yesterday. i blame others though.