Arcade System for the Forums?

#1 Highscore could get you store points, or even an achievement.
(fail safe, for if we actually don’t buy the store. lol)

It’s on other forums, so I know it exists. It has basic games like that crappy flash helicopter game.
I wonder if someone would be willing to make script some Graal Related Games.

:0 javascript? :slight_smile:

I think it might be flash.
But I can’t tell.

You’ll never beat my highscores.

I know.
It just feels kinda empty on here.
Though, we don’t want people on here 24/7…

Hurry I need more things to dominate at.

most forum games ive seen have been spammed with hacked high-scores…

Don’t worry, we have Spooon here.
It hurts his ego to see a higher score than his. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yenairo also raised a good point though. Spooon will delete any scores higher than his. :open_mouth:

No, no. I won’t delete them. If they are ridiculously and suspisiously high, I’ll delete 'em. I feel that the active members we have now on GR won’t cheat.

Thanks for the faith.
Also, that’s not the point I was making. If a hacked score comes up, and it’s higher than his, he’ll delete it.
I’m sure if there was a score higher than his he would strive to smash it into insert score number here pieces.

THAT TOO! Like the arcade games on Bomber. I spent endless nights beating Beholder’s scores in BreakOut! :smiley:

I will fucking kill cheaters.

Anyone who cheats to get it wont feel the sense of achievement that they should get when beating someone’s score.


Eh whatever. The cheater will look like an outcast though if he’s the only one who didn’t get it through conventional means.

I want awards for being better than you all. >:O

You need a nice little Spoon (your old avatar?) for an achievement.


The idea is good c: You could always figure ways to go against hacked scores though as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean crap, look at Neopets. You don’t see anybody able to hack there points in there and it’s all Flash based n such ;p

no one hacks neopets because no one likes neopets, hell I havent fed my 4 Kougra’s for 8 years.