Are you ready, For halo FUKKEN reach?

are you ready for homestuck season 2 on dvd??

I honestly don’t want to know what that is.

Reminds me of early 1990’s cartoons. BTW, do not want Halo Reach. Or any Halo, really. Way too over hyped.

You’r not ready…Ready doesn’t even FUKKEN describe it!

halo is dumb

Well, if you don’t like it, smash up the disc until it becomes dust and snort it.

Caleb, that video is so fucking old.

I’m closing this. Post Egoraptor’s good shit next time.

gllt that stuff is so freakin’ weird.

7 years later and u still a bitch

spooon died

we killed him last spring

Did you guys just pour water on him

Go away.

Waaah :sob::sob::sob:

no 8 characters