Arrow to the Knee

i was going to delete this until i saw the video thumbnail and already knew what it was

I was going to request this to be deleted and then I saw what video it is.

I used to take arrows to the knee like yourself but then I took a sword to the chest.

The cake is a lie.

You witty bitch

The resemblance is uncanny.

Calebponessa used to be black then he took an arrow to the negro

I would laugh but I took an arrow to the negro…

Shut the fuck up.

Before posting always consult your local Spooon, thank you, a message from Graal Reborn

I used to consult my local spoon but then I took an arrow to the negro

Riley, ban Caleb! BAN! BAN! BAN BAN! BAN! BAN! BAN! BAN! BAN! BAN!

i LOVE skyrim! >:P

Look at the people who thanked my post, Yenairo is back?

Edit: Never mind, I looked at his wall. :stuck_out_tongue: