Couldn’t have said it better!

Hosler, this I can do for you

I’m thinking perhaps shift + mouse-scroll might be a better shortcut for switching between layers and ctrl + mouse-scroll would zoom in and out on the level.

Could always do 1 to x for layers. That’s a pretty decent convention And just mouse wheel up and down for zooming.

I’d be annoyed if the mouse scroll didn’t scroll by default. Shift + mouse scroll should also scroll sideways to follow conventions.

Just a bit of an update on progress. The editor is almost done. As a bit of a bonus, I utilised a docking library to give a bit of freedom to the editor.

Looking awesome :open_mouth: is skinning the UI a possibility? As a dark theme can always be very handy.

I look forward to giving this a shot and making a couple of levels :slight_smile: And if you decide to make your own full blown game with the engine, I might be able to chip in some tileset contributions.

Yes UI skinning is a possibility, although from what i can tell, the options are a bit limited. I don’t wish to spend time trying to make these tools look pretty as I’m no designer, it just seems like effort that could be better spent at this point in time.

After the majority of core components are complete, I intend to create a game to showcase the potential of the engine and to further drive the development of the engine and discover any shortfalls.

Great work, I love how you can program anything quicker and better than I can. Thumbs up.

the trick is to not procrastinate by reading entire programming books first

Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually output much better code with a greater understanding thanks to that book. I’m glad I read that book, an awesome programmation book. Definitely not time lost. I also did not completely finish it because everyone was so eager.

Reading into good practices is definitely something you should be doing but reading a whole book definitely seems like overkill. Besides, how can you effectively process all that information in one hit assuming the book is of a decent size? I think it’s best to try and fail, take away the lesson and do better next time.That’s how I can describe my coding career, it’s just been an incremental progression of improvement as I’m exposed to ideas that work, and ideas that clearly don’t work and should be stayed away from. No one expects you to get things right the first time around.

tricxta have you adopted the fail faster method?

Sounds like it.

I obviously don’t remember the whole book but it brought useful things to my attention. Which is the point of reading that kind of book, why it’s my favorite kind of book and why I bother reading books in the first place.

Well… kind of but not really. My philosophy is it’s better to make a choice than no choice at all when granted only so much time. While I try to make the informed and supposedly better choice, I don’t spend so much time so as to ensure with absolute certainty it’s going to be a success. Basically, I try to be pragmatic.

So finally at the end of this weekend, I have now implemented all the basic features that I intend to support for this version of the engine.
The script editor features code testing, highlighting faulty lines, syntax highlighting, brace matching and autocompletion with a few basic keywords and common functions.

The next item on my list is now the networking including the execution of serverside scripts and their relaying of information to clients.

Sounds like an awesome script editor you did there.

i like how you made it an analog to the graal editor

Well my intended audience is graal developers and I think there’s not much wrong with the graal engine other than its halt in development, so I wanted to aid the transition in terms of not having developers feel like they have to learn something completely alien.

Looking great. Thought I might make a style icon based off the one I did in my updated UI icon set, for you. Not sure if you had intended style/formatting button, but meh. I did it for fun.

Looks sweet, I’ll definitely use these!